I know what your day was like today

I know what your day was like today.

You made your daily to-do list. Got your crew out the door. Checked on a jobsite. Ordered some materials. Chatted with one of your subs. Ate lunch. Had a sales call.

Worried about something related to the business. Were excited about something else in the business. Lined up a job for later in the week…

Give me one thing.just-one-thing

Email me with ONE thing. Just one thing.

Could be related to:

Business (Sales/Marketing/Financial/Production/HR/etc.) Personal. Marital. Fatherhood/Motherhood. Faith. Health. Hobby. Volunteer.

What’s something outside of your normal day-in and day-out work that you want to make progress on?

Think. Think. Think.

Read the question again. And think.

Email me and let me know your answer.

When you do that – you’ll have told someone.

You’ll have made an (albeit) little commitment to yourself to take action on it.

You’ll probably get an encouraging reply back from me.


Example initial email to send out to new remodeling prospect

Getting an email out between the initial phone call and first meeting is one of those little things we need to be implementing, but sometimes can fall through the cracks. What you’ll see below:

  • Example initial email is below. Again, the point of this is to build know, like and trust – differentiate you – and get them thinking: ‘These guys are organized. Have a process. Are professional. Have attention to detail.’ – advantage YOU when they are thinking those things.
  • The other thing I wanted to share with you is a postcard that we mail out to the new prospect. This is a postcard that my remodelers mail out to prospects. It starts to set the tone for what doing business with them is going to be like. The blank on the front and top of the back – the homeowners name gets inserted there. They get that nice/professional initial email and then go to their mailbox a few days later and see this. They are thinking: “Wow – they really have their stuff together.”
    • With my Remodelers AutoPilot program – this email and postcard are automatically sent out with literally a click of a button. I can tell you more about the program if you’d like – but please remember this: Whether you want more info Remodelers AutoPilot or not – please use the resources below and attached. Copy and paste them. Customize them for your business and get them implemented.

Subject Line: Thank you for contacting [Business Name]!

Body of Email:

[First Name],

Thank you so much for contacting us at [Business Name]! It was nice speaking with you about the project you are considering.

Our meeting is scheduled for [Date] at [Time].

If you have any questions between now and the time of our meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me.  My personal cell is [Cell Phone] (feel free to call or text.)

At our first meeting we will have the opportunity to get to know one another and discuss your project in depth.

In preparation for our in-person meeting, we’d like you to review our What To Expect At Our First Meeting document. Please begin considering the questions asked in that document at your convenience.

In addition, here are a few additional links and resources for you to review:

  • If you haven’t done so already, please take a few minutes to review our website where you can learn more about us and look at project photos.
  • We recommend that you start daydreaming on Houzz.com which is a great resource when you are planning any remodel. (Here is a quick video we created that shows you how to set-up a Houzz.com account and Ideabooks.)
  • We know cost can be a factor in many remodeling projects. To help you have a more realistic picture of where your budget should be, we recommend you look at Remodeling Magazine’s Cost Vs. Value Report which takes 35 of the most popular remodeling projects, gives you their average cost in a specific region and also lists what you can expect for a return on your investment.

Lastly, at our initial meeting we will also discuss [Business Names]’ unique, customer-focused remodeling process. Our process aligns your needs, timetables and budgets to fulfill your vision.

I look forward to our meeting and learning more about you and your project!

Thank you for your interest,

[Your Email Signature – Include your headshot if you have one and your logo]

Between Initial Phone Call and First In-Person Meeting

Marketing = Getting someone who has a need to know, like, and trust you.

If you aren’t sending the prospect an email between the time you spoke with them on the phone and the initial in-person meeting – you’re missing an opportunity to build know, like, and trust and do the following:

  • Confirm the appointment date/time – show them that you are organized
  • Let them know what to expect at the first meeting – educate them on your process and how they can prepare for the meeting
  • Link them to resources like Houzz and how they can create and share an idea book with you
  • Share the Cost vs. Value Report with them – continue the conversation about what they are looking to invest in the project
  • Link them to specific parts of your website to help build know, like, and trust

This email is a perfect opportunity to differentiate your remodeling business from anybody else they may be talking to.

We want them thinking:

‘Wow – these guys are organized. Have a process. Are professional. Have attention to detail.’

If you’d like to see a complete example of the initial email you can send to a new prospect (along with a postcard you could also mail out) please send me an email and I’ll send it over to you.

You’re the Conductor of a Massive Symphony

A great analogy


“Builders [remodelers] are just a remarkable group of people. Because it’s a small business and it’s entrepreneurial – they’re aggressive. They have to handle thousands of tasks at the same time.

They really are just a conductor of a massive symphony in which they have to get every piece ringing or playing at the right moment. The right subs in at the right time. The right order of progress in putting together a project. Pleasing the customer at the same time as making all the subs and their own employees happy and productive.

I actually built a couple of houses, but during this last one in the mountains, I turned to the builder who built that house for me  and said, ‘I don’t know how you do this. I could not possibly tolerate all of the uncertainties, surprises and errors that occur. Wrong things delivered, the sub doesn’t show up, the piece doesn’t fit.’ And he said, ‘You know, it’s just part of the business. You just have to do it.’ I am amazed at the willingness and ability for men and women to want to do this and do it well.”

What a great quote and how true of all of you remodelers who are out there hustling, grinding, and working hard every day.

The above was a quote from an article on the retiring NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe.