This keeps us from doing anything

With all the choices for how you should market your remodeling business – which are the right ones to choose so that will have the greatest return?

It’s often this question that keeps us from doing any marketing.

Click here and you’ll see my answer to this question in a video interview I did with Vicki Suiter. Enjoy!


One other item, Jared Gossett is the host of Building Optimal Radio and the owner of Gossett and Company, LLC, a custom home builder in Austin, Texas.

He interviewed me for his Building Optimal Radio podcast, episode #22, titled Master Your Prospect Calls with Kyle Hunt

We had a lively discussion – it was a lot of fun and I think you’ll benefit from listening to it here.

In case you’re confused, I’m the one with the squirrely higher pitched voice – he’s the one with the deep, manly voice.


Welcome to 2019! Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year’s.

Before we get too far into 2019 – it would be wise to do the following:

Capture your 2018 Business Story. I recommend you do the following:

1. Open up your iPhone and click on ‘Voice Memos’ or find another easy way to record some audio.

2. Think through your year and the 2018 story of your business:

  • What worked?
  • What didn’t work?
  • Improvements and changes you implemented
  • What you didn’t accomplish that you wanted to
  • Employee/personnel changes
  • Revenue and profit numbers
  • You can toss in some personal notes as well:
  • How you did personally in 2018 (fitness/financials/faith/family/etc.)

3. Do an audio recording. Doesn’t have to be polished – just talk – capture your thoughts.


You work your butt off. This exercise is simply meant to slow you down for a few minutes and help you gain some perspective on what you accomplished in 2018 and help you plan and set goals for 2019.

You’ll also love listening back to this recording 12 months from now.

If you do this, please send me over your audio recording – Would love to hear it.

Looking forward to helping you and your remodeling business in this New Year. Talk again soon!

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