Making fun of my dad

Over the years, people would poke fun at my dad – my sister and I included.

He’s a checklist guy.

He has his desk at home and his daily to-do list. Has his fall checklist for around the house. His camping checklist (see a copy of it in the P.S. below – it’s a thing of beauty!)

A spreadsheet that tracks my mom and his doctor visits and the results of them. Step-by-step instructions for how to set-up the pop-up camper. You get the picture.
I participated in the razzing of him when I was younger:

‘Dad – do you need to make an inventory list for that bin you take camping? Really?! Can’t we just open it up and look inside?

As I got married, started life, began taking care of our house, went camping, packed for trips, etc. – I realized – my dad’s got this thing figured out.


Why? Why does he do all this?

It saves time.

You don’t forget things.

It’s less stressful.

When he lets his kids borrow the pop-up camper – those step-by-step instructions are pretty stinkin’ handy.

Once a year maintenance things get taken care of.

It’s easy for him to find information and the history of things.

Things don’t get lost.


Now why am I telling you all of this?

I hope it’s obvious. As I’ve said before, running a remodeling business is not for the faint of heart. It’s tough and complicated.

Checklists, systems, and processes make things easier, helps you save time, and be more efficient and profitable.

When it comes to a system and process to:

  • Manage your sales pipeline
  • Automate professional emails/postcards to prospects
  • Stay-in-touch regularly with your previous clients
  • Track where your leads are coming from
  • Send out neighborhood Pardon Our Dust campaigns
  • And much more

Remodelers AutoPilot is an excellent option.

P.S. I emailed my dad asking for his camping checklist. Here it is in case you want to be inspired!

The best part is the line at the top that says:

‘Inform Penny [my mom] of location, itinerary and estimated time of return’

That’s a manly man right there!

Look, I get it

You’re busy. I’m busy too.

Kids to run here and there. Emails to send and phone calls to make. Client work to complete.

Haircut to sneak in. The gas tank needs to be filled up. Family member to devote some time to.

You’ll be busy next week and next month and next year too.

The question is: Will you and your business be more organized, efficient, and profitable next week or next month or next year?

How can you continue to improve and get better?

How can you drown out the distractions this afternoon to focus on (and complete!) the most important thing on your to-do list?


Maybe that means you work with your laptop with some headphones on at the coffee shop for 90 minutes.

Maybe that means you just grab the phone and make that tough phone call you’ve been needing to make.

Maybe that means you reach out to me and ask for some help and motivation, because you realize you can’t do it all on your own.

Maybe that means you go for a drive in your truck to collect your thoughts.


No reason for this note other than for a quick dose of motivation that I hope you’ll find helpful and useful this afternoon.

Reach out anytime!

P.S. The sun came up again this morning and the world still spins.

Since it’s now the day after the election – I’d like to point you again to this message I wrote the other day: The Day After: Wednesday – November 9, 2016.

The Day After: Wednesday – November 9, 2016

You might be groggy, but...

Wednesday morning, November 9th 2016 is going to be here before we know it.

You might be groggy after having stayed up late to see who won the election. Whatever your level of alertness, the alarm will sound and you’ll be heading to work.

The results of national, state, and local elections do play a factor in our businesses. Certainly, on a macro level and in many ways on a micro level.

With that said, I would argue that the success of your business as you hit the home stretch of 2016 and head into 2017 will be 90% related to the person you see when you look in the mirror Wednesday morning.

The new president isn’t going to make or break your business. Whatever way the senate or house leans isn’t going to be the deciding factor in the success of your business.

YOU are.

How about instead of worrying about what Hillary or Donald are going to do in their first 100 days – you take the last 54 days of this year, buckle down, and really get your sales pipeline and marketing organized?

Forget about trying to add up the national debt – are you willing to put in the work to understand your Profit & Loss Statement like the back of your hand?

What are you going to do to become a better salesperson today than you were yesterday?

How are you going to attract great employees and keep them motivated to do an exceptional job for your clients?

Are you going to wait around for the senate to pass a bill or are you going to dig in and find the time to prepare and review your job cost reports and perhaps tweak your mark-up?

Are you going to hire and invest in a coach to help you improve and streamline your business?

How about instead of being pissed off on Wednesday morning, because your person didn’t win – you step back and realize how crazy blessed we are to live in this country and have such wonderful opportunity around us?


How bad do you want it?

If you want to run a profitable, fun, organized, efficient remodeling business – one that provides well for your employees and your family – don’t look to Washington D.C. or your state capital for help – look at the person in the mirror on Wednesday morning and get to work.


Ok, well that turned out to be a little more motivational and in-your-face than I had planned! Sometimes I start writing and what comes out is different than I expected.

Vote on Tuesday. And on Wednesday – get focused and work your butt off.

Reach out if you are looking for help,


P.S. On a much lighter note – the Hunt’s bought a puppy on Friday. Her name was going to be Peggy – the name of one of Alexander Hamilton’s sister-in-law’s (I’m a bit obsessed right now with the genius musical Hamilton and just finished reading the 720 page Hamilton biography.) But upon further review, her name ended up being Lucy. She’s a cute miniature schnauzer.

P.P.S. Have you looked into Remodelers AutoPilot? remodelers have signed up for the program since August and I would be happy to answer any questions you have about it.


“How did we live without this thing?!“

Have you ever purchased a tool that you and your team start using out in the field and after a couple weeks everyone says:

How did we live without this thing?!

I was talking with one of my Remodelers AutoPilot clients the other day and those words came out of his mouth. It’s because:

  • He now has his sales pipeline out of his head andorganized
  • He’s differentiating himself, right from the start, with a professional appointment confirmation email and postcard that is automatically mailed out to his prospects
  • Nothing is falling through the cracks, he feels incontrol, and is professionally following up with a couple clicks
  • He’s tracking his leads so he can run reports on what’s working and not working
  • He’s easily staying-in-touch each month with all of his previous clients and prospects with a done-for-you email newsletter
  • He’s easily sending ‘Pardon Our Dust’ postcards to the neighborhoods he’s working in to generate leads
  • He’s receiving helpful feedback with an end of job survey and securing Google Reviews after the job is completed

“How did I live without this thing?!”

Running a remodeling business is tough work – Remodelers AutoPilot can be the tool you need in your office to help you keep organized, efficient, and more profitable.

P.S. What’s your frog today?