Turn this bad news about our industry into good news about your remodeling business

I saw this post on Remodeling Magazine’s Facebook post recently

It made me think of a way to turn this bad news about our industry into GOOD news about your remodeling business. Along with educating homeowners on what to look out for when hiring a remodeler.

See my thoughts in the 1 minute video and feel free to swipe the content I wrote below and post it on your business page:

Sadly – we work in an industry that is #2 in Consumer Complaints.

While we work extremely hard to deliver our projects on time, on budget, with exceptional communication, wonderful workmanship – and stand behind our work for years after we’re done…

The fact is that there are a lot of remodeling companies that give our industry a bad name.

Please, please, please – do your due diligence before hiring any remodeler or home improvement company. Be sure to go through a checklist  like this – do they:

Have a written process outline the steps from initial contact to completion, so your project doesn’t get lost in the shuffle?
– Carry worker’s comp insurance on every employee who enter your home?
– Provide a guaranteed project cost, using a fixed-price contract, rather than an open-ended estimate?
– Acquire permits and use licensed trade and mechanical contractors (e.g. Plumber, electrician)?
– Have a clean reputation on the internet? (i.e. Google their company name)
– Have a list of references that you may contact on your own?
– What type of warranty do they offer?
– Have a plan for how he or she will respect your home and your family?
– Know how long the design, planning, and construction phases will take?
– Practice clear communication in a timely manner consistent with today’s technology?

Please do your homework and make sure you select a professional who will do a great job for you and your home!

None of us is as smart as all of us

A couple thoughts for you this Friday morning:

Take care of what you control – don’t worry about things you can’t control. As you go through the day – focus on thinking of the ‘Next Right Thing’ Yes, there are 20 things to do – figure out what the ‘Next Right Thing’ is and get it done!

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” Be sure to keep asking your crew and trade partners questions – ask if they have any ideas on how to improve things. Don’t be a leader who tries to figure it out all by themselves, but rather seek out ideas and wisdom from others.


I sent these out as text messages this week – a little word of encouragement.

I have several dozen people who get a Text Message from me from time to time. Usually, it’s a quick idea for your remodeling business or word of encouragement.

If you’d like to receive them just fill out this quick form – no cost.


And two things along the vein of “None of us is as smart as all of us.” – 350 remodelers are part of Remodelers Community – a free private Facebook Group. The conversations are strong and very helpful – request to join here.


And, in an even more intimate and powerful and focused example of “None of us is as smart as all of us.” –  Remodelers Circle Mastermind groups are all about using our collective wisdom and experience to help everyone get better.

I’m filling a few new groups that will be starting up this fall – if you’d like to talk to see if Remodelers Circle might be a good fit for your remodeling business, just email me or shoot me a quick text 517-902-8450.


Like-Minded, Non-Compete Remodelers

During several Remodelers Circle Mastermind meetings last week – there was a lot of talk centered around the initial phone call with a new prospect, explaining our process to them, and, in particular, how to effectively implement a Design Retainer or Project Development Agreement into their business.

As a reminder, that first call with a new prospect and laying out for them what your process looks like is so very important.

I just uploaded a video to YouTube where I go through 10 Tips to Improve Your Initial Phone Call with a New Remodeling Prospect – you can view it here.

Sometimes implementing something new in your business isn’t knowing what to do, but having the courage to do it. To give it a try. To fail a bit, learn from it, and try again.

Getting the courage and confidence to try new things is a huge part of how I see my clients improve and transform as they participate in Remodelers Circle.

When you get in a group of like-minded, non-compete remodelers from around the country – and your relationship starts to form with the others in the group – you start feeling comfortable asking questions to each other, like:

  • What do you say when the client tells you they don’t have a budget?
  • Do you explain the Designer Retainer on the phone or just at the in-person meeting?
  • What do you email them between the phone call and in-person meeting?

Then you get answers to those questions from remodelers you trust and (tooting my own horn) an expert coach who specializes in the remodeling industry – and your clarity and confidence and courage to try new things grows.

I’ll be launching some new Remodelers Circle groups in September/October. Details can be found here.

And please give the YouTube video above a try. Pick up just one thing for you to incorporate into your business! Also, I listed out the 10 things in written form in the video description if you prefer to read vs. watch.


AND_Gary Vaynerchuk has a saying he uses – it’s just one word: AND?
His thought behind it – ‘Ok – so what are you going to do about it?’ ‘Yes, it sucks’ ‘Yes, it’s tough.’ ‘AND?’

Finding good carpenters is tough. AND?

I’ve sold a bunch, now I don’t have enough help to produce it. I’ve been focused on production, now I don’t have any jobs lined up. AND?

It’s hard to balance my work and home responsibilities. AND?

I don’t have time to market my business effectively. AND?

I can’t seem to find the time to do get my quotes and job cost reports done. AND?

The thought with the question ‘AND?’ is to try and squash the negativity and excuses.

The next time you are lamenting about something or making an excuse about something – repeat this short question to yourself: ‘AND?’

Then (MOST IMPORTANTLY!) figure out the next right thing you can do to move forward and push through the obstacle or challenge.

There’s a lot to be frustrated about when you run a remodeling business. AND?