What did you do today to market your business?

The title above is the question I asked a remodeling client of mine the other day.

Her reply was that she sent three handwritten New Year’s cards to past clients. She’s sent seven of them out and has generated two remodeling project leads off those seven cards.

You’ll see in the example she sent me below that her handwriting is quite impressive. But her excellent penmanship isn’t why she’s generated the two leads.

It’s the fact that she was thoughtful and took a couple minutes to thank her client, made it personal and then addressed, stuffed, stamped, and mailed the cards. She took action on an idea (sending handwritten thank you cards) that we’ve all heard and are aware of.

What a great example of implementing and taking action on a proven and practical marketing idea. Follow her lead!

Remodeler: Don’t over complicate things. Don’t go and search for the next bright and shiny marketing idea. Get practical and add ‘sending handwritten thank you cards to past clients’ to your marketing plan this year. I’m confident you’ll see positive results.

A closing thought: If you don’t have custom made (with your logo) thank you cards – don’t rush out and get them, yet. If you like this idea – jump on Amazon and buy a box of 10 generic thank you cards.

Get those 10 sent out. Prove to yourself that you’re going to implement and do this and then feel free to go out and get some custom cards created. Focus on implementing fast with your new marketing ideas.

Example is below – as you look at it – ask this question: ‘What past client should I send a similar card to?’

4 Text Messages – here’s who to send them to

‘You just finished that project.’

That client is happy, aren’t they?

You should (right now!) send them a quick text and ask them, ‘Hey there! Would you be willing to leave us a review on Google?’

No really – you should really do that. Stop scrolling through your email and send that text…


I don’t mean to sound bossy, but…

Once you’ve done that – the next thing you should do is read this info. And then think to yourself ‘do I have a clear and solid marketing plan and budget in place for 2018?’

If the answer is no, you should send another text (to me: 517-902-8450) and sign-up for the Remodel Your Marketing Plan course that I have starting up on Thursday (all sessions will be recorded if you can’t make 1 or 2 of them.)


How about a 3rd text since you’re on a roll?

Who is a loved one that you can encourage? Maybe a spouse, one of your children, a relative, friend, pastor, employee, or a colleague.

Take a minute and send them an encouraging note – let them know that you’re thinking about them and appreciate them.


Lastly, to round it out with another business text…

Who is a prospect that you haven’t heard back from in a little while? Send them a text and check in with them.

Maybe some of the language could be: ‘Hey [Their Name]! It’s been a little while since we’ve spoken – I know your project is going to happen when you guys are ready and on your schedule (not ours!), but I was thinking about you today and wanted to check in and see where you guys are at with things.’


Take action on one or all of the items above.

If you’re still thirsty for more – take a listen to a podcast that I recorded and uploaded last week or request to join my private Facebook group for remodelers here.

A huge mistake we all make

A huge problem that we all make (myself included!) is we try to do too many things at once.

We are driven to improve, so we pick 10 ways we’re going to improve.

We want to get better – so we set big, giant (difficult!) goals.

And often, we spread ourselves too thin and don’t make the progress we want to make.

In the week 5 lesson of the Remodel Your Marketing Plan course – I’ll have you set S.M.A.R.T. goals:

S – specific
M – measurable
A – attainable
R – realistic
T – time-bound

And as we look at the marketing plan you will have created for your remodeling business, we’ll prioritize what you’ll focus on first.

I’ll have you set 3 (maybe 4) S.M.A.R.T. goals based on your marketing plan and have you get clear with the very next step for each of them.

These will be the things you’ll tackle in the first couple months of the year.

After you knock those out of the park (maybe by the end of February), you’ll look at the Marketing Plan you created, set 2-3 new S.M.A.R.T. goals and next steps for each – and go out and conquer those.

Rinse and repeat as you move through the year.

Two things I’d like to leave you with:

1. More focus on fewer things! Be disciplined and work on improving fewer things to help you get them completed and implemented.

2. I’d love to have you join the Remodel Your Marketing Plan course! I’ll be recording all of the sessions (in case you can’t make one of them) – the first class is Thursday, 1/11/18 at 1:00PM EST.

More details about the $147 course can be found here.

P.S. Are you listening to any podcasts? I’ve been publishing some new episodes to my Remodelers On The Rise podcast. You can find it here. Or search ‘Remodelers On The Rise’ on iTunes.

Strategy before Tactics

A lot of times with our marketing efforts – we focus on the tactics.

I need to update my website. I should post on Facebook. I’m going to run an ad in that local publication. I’m going to participate in the Parade of Homes.

Nothing is wrong with any of the tactics I just mentioned.

The problem is that we need to start our marketing plan with Strategy before Tactics.

Your Marketing Strategy starts with two main things:

1. What truly makes you different? How are you unique and different in what you offer or how you offer it? What is it that your clients truly value about what you do?

2. Who is your Ideal Client and what is your Ideal Project?

When you get very clear with those items, it clarifies what marketing tactics you should use.

Let me give you an obvious example:

If my ideal client values exceptional quality and design excellence. If they value a clean jobsite and excellent communication. If my ideal project is a full home addition for a higher-end client…

Which marketing tactics would make the most sense?

Generating leads from Home Advisor and running an ad in the local Valpak coupon mailers


Developing relationships and strategic partnerships with local interior designers and higher-end real estate agents. Participating in the local Parade of Homes event to show off the high-end home addition you recently completed

With that example, what I’m trying to show you is when you identify what makes you different and what your ideal project is – it will color what marketing tactics you choose.

Understanding your Marketing Strategy is what we’re going to focus on in Lesson #2 of Remodel Your Marketing Plan – my 5 week training couse that will be starting on 1/11/18.

The investment for the training is $147 and I’d love to have you be a part of it.


You can learn more about the course here.

You can also watch the webinar that I did related to the class (lots of great free training in the webinar) and download the full webinar handout here.

Contact me (kyle@remodelyourmarketing.com or 517-902-8450) if you’d like to sign-up!