How to market your remodeling business

Marketing is best defined as getting someone who has a need to know, like, and trust you.

Why do I create free content? (This email, private Facebook group, podcast, social media, etc.)

Primarily: To build know, like, and trust with my audience, market my business, and generate leads. Additionally, by putting out content that is truly useful, practical, and valuable – I’m helping remodelers who I may never have a chance to work closely with and I love that! That’s another key goal of mine.

Why should YOU create free content? For the same reasons: To build know, like, and trust with your audience, market your business, and generate leads. The key is to create content that is truly valuable and helpful to the homeowners you are aiming to serve.

Think about that and start teaching people about the remodeling process, answer their questions in your content, and provide information that they will find helpful.

Below you’ll find links to all of my free content – I hope you find them helpful!

(I highly recommend the first two)

Remodelers Community – This is a great and free private Facebook group that I run. Has a lot of great conversation and sharing from over 480+ quality remodelers

Remodelers On The Rise – I dusted off my podcast in 2018 and will continue to post regularly in 2019. Good ideas/inspiration/interviews for you and some that might be good for you to share with employees/trade partners

Text Message Club – Interested In Getting Text Messages From Me? Might be a quick idea for your remodeling business or word of encouragement. By joining, it will allow me to regularly check-in, nudge, encourage, help, and say hi via text! No cost – just fill out this quick form

Remodeling Magazine Articles – See articles that I write for Remodeling Magazine here

YouTube – Throughout the year I’ll post videos, webinar recordings, and other content on my YouTube channel. You can subscribe here

Social Media – Please make sure we are connected on Facebook (business page) (personal page), LinkedInInstagram

CLARITY on the Expected vs. Actual Gross Profit Of Your Remodeling Projects

I recorded a screen share with my client, Nancy – it’s showing the steps that she takes in QuickBooks to have CLARITY on the Expected vs. Actual Gross Profit on the remodeling projects she’s doing.

When you put a proposal together for that kitchen remodel – you should clearly know how much Gross Profit (which is Selling Price – Materials/Sub-Contractors/Labor)

The expected Gross Profit should be clear.

And when you complete the job you should be able to clearly see the ACTUAL Gross Profit you made on the job.

Nancy sets this up in a clear and nice way in QuickBooks. It’s certainly not the only way to do this, but my hope is that there’s something in the video that you can grab and learn from that will help you bring clarity to your job costing.

Are you currently clear with your expected vs. actual gross profit or is this an area for you to work on? Would love to hear in the comments below.


Struggling with Scheduling Your Remodeling Projects?

A couple months back, Peter was sharing with his Remodelers Circle Mastermind Group how he goes about scheduling his remodeling projects using Team Gnatt. Several folks in the group found it helpful (including one fellow Circle member who has since implemented it with solid success!)

Peter and I hopped on a screen share a little while back to go over how he uses it – you can see it in the VIDEO. I hope you find it helpful and it gives you ideas on how to improve your scheduling.

In addition, Shawn did a great webinar on this topic (and using Team Gnatt) that you can find here.


Google Reviews went from 6 to 23. How’d they do it?

A remodeling client of mine started 2018 with 6 Google reviews.

By the end of the year, they had 23.

This is great for building know, like, and trust. To help with local rankings/SEO. It’s important and solid marketing!

The question is: How did they do it?

Here’s how, in their own words:

“We started the year with 6 reviews and it was a goal of mine to get us to over 20.  We ended up with 23.   I created a spreadsheet that I use to track potential reviews and I schedule to send an email to everyone that we would want to review us.  I email each potential reviewer about 4 times before I drop them off of the list.  I keep track of each time I send a request as well.  We also ask for different reviews throughout the process and during our closing, we discuss that we would like to have them leave a review for us on Google and Houzz and ask if they would be willing during that time.  We also got our Houzz reviews from 4 at the beginning of the year to 18 that we have now.

I think the biggest thing is just being persistent and not being afraid to ask multiple times.

When people do take the time to leave a review, I send them a Thank You Card with a $10 Biggby Gift Card.  This is not mentioned in our request as we don’t want to turn the review into a “paid review” but just a follow up to say thank you to them for taking the time to help us out.”


Key Takeaway:

Ask. Ask again. Follow-up! Your clients are willing to do it – be respectful, but persistent in your follow-up.

Another thought:

The biggest hurdle with Google Reviews is they need to login to a Google account. Look at your list of previous clients. If their email ends in – that means they already have an account and it will be quicker and easier for them.

One final thought:

If your client leaves a review on Houzz or somewhere other then Google. Or they email, text, or fill out an end of project survey – and what they wrote you could be a great review. When you request they leave a Google review – include in your request what they already wrote you! Make it easy for them to just copy/paste it.

Set a goal for how many you’re going to secure in 2019 and go make it happen!

P.S. Have you been listening to the Remodelers On The Rise podcast? Check it out here.