Renewed Focus and a Few Photos

Here in Michigan, things are starting to switch into fall mode.

After a busy summer – the kids are getting ready for school (or are already back), football is around the corner, and the phones are starting to ring after a little lull – as people are thinking about their fall remodeling projects.

There is something about this time of the year that gives us a renewed focus.

Something about this time of the year that tells us, “Alright, let’s get back to business. Let’s get focused. Let’s make some improvements.”

What is it that you’re going to focus on in your business these last four months of the year?

What is it that you had plans to do this year that you need to kick-start as we head into September?

Please reply back and let me know.

On another note…

Are you heading to the Remodeling Show in Chicago(Sept 30th – Oct 2nd)?

I’ll be doing three educational sessions at the show. Be sure to register for one or more of them:

  • (W16) Five Powerful Words When Talking With a Remodeling Prospect
    • Wednesday, Sept. 30, 3:30-5:00PM
  • (T01) What You Must Do To Make a Great First Impression
    • Thursday, October 1, 7:309:00AM
  • (T06) The Story of Two Remodelers
    • Thursday, October 1, 9:3011:00AM
P.S. A few photos below from some of our activities this summer for your viewing enjoyment :)

My wife and I attended a black tie wedding. Before you think this is how we look all the time – this was the first time I’ve worn a tux in 10+ years…

The kids are growing fast and we’ve tried to sneak in a lot of long weekends this summer:

In case you didn’t know – Michigan is gorgeous. This is from a trip we took this past weekend to the west side of the state:

Be in touch again soon – all the best!

What I’m Doing Today

During a 'Seddon Day' you step back from your business and reflect on these 5 Key Questions



I’m part of a mastermind group of marketers. It’s led by a business coach I hired several years ago. A gentleman over in Israel named Dov Gordon.

One of the members in the group is a bloke (he’s from England, so I can call him a bloke…) named Mike Seddon.

Mike announced to the group a few months ago that he has been diagnosed with inoperable and incurable cancer.

The man is an inspiration. We’re friends on Facebook and he’s stayed active in our mastermind group. He has such a wonderful and upbeat attitude and is at peace with the whole situation.

A couple weeks ago Dov helped Mike do ‘The Last Webinar.’

This was Mike’s gift to everyone and something he wanted to leave as a legacy – it outlined what a ‘Seddon Day‘ is.

And today, what I’m doing is taking a ‘Seddon Day.’

During a ‘Seddon Day’ you step back from your business and reflect on these 5 Key Questions from Mike.

The point is to make sure that you are building a business for the life you really want to live:

  1. What is My Why?
  2. What Does Success Look Like?
  3. Am I enjoying the Journey?
  4. Am I hanging out with the Right People?
  5. What would Happen to my Loved Ones?
You can learn more or listen to Mike’s ‘The Last Webinar’ at (once he got through some tears at the start of the webinar, he held himself together quite well.)
I wanted to share this wonderful idea with you this morning. I hope it’s something that you’ll take the time to reflect on for you and your business.

Stop using your brain as your CRM

You're leaving sales on the table if you rely on your brain to track your sales pipeline and manage your follow-up.

I asked this question on two separate phone calls yesterday:

“How is your sales pipeline currently organized?”

The first remodeler replied: “Um… my head.

The other replied with a nervous chuckle and said: “I just use my brain:)

Both of these remodelers know they are doing it wrong.

They know there is huge value in clicking a button and instantly knowing everyone in their:

  • Appointment Stage
  • Design/Project Development Stage
  • Done Proposal For, Haven’t Signed Stage
  • Jobs In Progress
  • Completed Jobs for 2015

You’re leaving sales on the table if you rely on your brain to track your sales pipeline and manage your follow-up.

In you want details on Remodelers AutoPilot – a system much more reliable than your noggin, send me an email and I’ll send you the details.

Signed jobs for 2015 already put us 2.5 times our 2014 volume

"I would not have closed as much business or kept my sanity this past year without it."

I’m working on finalizing a website with all the details on my Remodelers AutoPilot program.

It’s forced me to get clear with exactly what the program does. It allows you to:

  • Transform your sales process
  • Organize your sales pipeline
  • Automate your follow-up and stay-in-touch marketing

I have been asking the 20+ remodelers who use the program for the results they’ve seen.

The email below is from Jacob Thompson – a remodeler out in Washington. He’s been using Remodelers AutoPilot since last fall. Here’s what he had to say:

“A big benefit for me in using Remodelers AutoPilot is to be able to see in a glance what appointments I have scheduled, leads I’m working on project development agreements for, which leads I have presented but haven’t signed, jobs in progress, etc…  Prior to using the program, information was all over the place and it was tough to prioritize my time when I wasn’t even sure where everyone was in the pipeline.

Soon after we implemented the system we did our first home show and the system was absolutely critical in tracking the pipeline. We had 20+ requests for appointments and for the next few weeks I was running 2-3 appointments 2-3 days per week. There was no way without Remodelers AutoPilot I would have been able to keep my sanity or be as organized/professional with my follow-up.

The automation of it has been a huge time saver as well. Previously when a new lead called in I would write down their contact if (hope I didn’t lose it), open up my email, open up a word document, copy and paste our initial email, manually add several pdf attachments, etc. and then wait for the attachment to load. Now that is all taken care of for me in one simple click – saving me time.

Plus, I have the ability to not only see if they have opened the email but also which of the links they clicked on. It helps to see who is really interested.

The monthly e-newsletter is great as well, I’d say at least every other month we get at least one call/email from a past client or prospect as a result of the newsletter. Previously we were lucky to get one out every few months. Now all I have to do is say yes to the email proof and off they go. 

Hope that helps Kyle.  Writing all that out really made me realize how much I rely on Remodelers AutoPilot at this point.

I would not have closed as much business or kept my sanity this past year without it.

Our old systems got us by for the volume we were doing, but with signed jobs for 2015 that put us at almost 2.5 times our 2014 volume I would have been drowning. Thanks for all you do.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Jacob Thompson, CGR, CKBR
Home Run Solutions, LLC
O: 425-320-4786
C: 425-533-7896

Pretty soon I’ll send you to a website with all the Remodelers AutoPilot details – for now, simply email me if you’d like more info and I’ll send you some quick demo videos of the program and a document with all the other details.