A great reply from the guy I’m buying gutters from

Take a look at this and think about how you can incorporate it into your sales process and follow-up.

We are having two sections of gutters replaced at our home. I asked the gutter company about what it would cost to add gutter guards and I received the reply below.

A few things to note:

1. I think they have sent this reply to other clients before – if you write up a great description/reply to common questions – SAVE THOSE! Don’t reinvent the wheel – use it over and over. If you use Gmail use the ‘Canned Response’ feature

2. They EDUCATED me in their reply below. They have tried many… Two options they recommend… Types of trees (made me think if we have any pines around these gutters) – explained the price difference between the two

3. Talked about the features and benefits of the Rx (more education.) ‘is only $470…’ – framing it as a deal :)

4. More education – details about warranty and what I’ll need to do to maintain things. Linked to brochure where I can learn more (I made up my mind already from their reply – haven’t even clicked on the brochure – but engineer types might want to – it’s nice that they include it.)

5. Asks for the sale and gives a reason why they need to have an answer soon (need to order materials prior to install date – a little sense of urgency)

Really great stuff. Take note! As you work with your clients, make sure you educate, explain the differences between products, and then educate and teach some more.

P.S. They were also lightning fast with replying to my questions. As a homeowner, I really like that (and in this day and age it’s surprising and makes them stand out)



“As for covers, we offer only 2 types any more. We have tried many different covers over the years, and with many faults for a lot of them.

The 2 covers we like are RX covers and Xtreme covers

Xtreme we use with pine trees and locust trees. It is designed just like RX but has an additional metal mesh on top to keep out the tiny debris (pine needles)

Xtreme is twice the price as RX.

Rx is a great cover. It is made of metal. It is screwed to the gutter and the fascia board for added security.

Debris does NOT get through this cover, but, it does not work with pine needles.


Things to know about covers:

ALL COVERS RESTRICT WATER FLOW. We will only install them on (6″) gutters to prevent water issues.

* There is no such thing as a maintenance free cover.

* Warranties guarantee debris will not get INSIDE the gutters.

NO WARRANTY covers debris sitting on top of the covers.
Wind will blow off much of the debris, but it is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain the tops of covers so water flow is
not disrupted.

I attached a copy of the RX brochure. Do you want us to do the covers on the new gutters?

Please let us know so we can make sure we have the product with us on the day of installation.


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The project is done. Send this next

A Client Satisfaction Survey is a solid thing to send to a client when the job is completed. Doing it in-person is exceptional – emailing them a simple and professional survey is next best.

We want to ask them to rate us on our sales process, how problems were handled, and their thoughts on the schedule, budget and jobsite cleanliness.

As I see these surveys roll in (I’m CC’d on a lot of the surveys that my remodeling clients get back from their clients) – I see comments that we can print out and share with our team – I see trends in areas where they are struggling – I see sentences that can be repurposed as testimonials – I see referrals that they have for us (there’s an area for that at the bottom.)

We get feedback to help us ensure that the client is fully thrilled with their project and their experience.


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Have a great Friday!


I had a phone call this morning with someone I’d never spoken to before. He is a business coach (like myself) and a mutual friend connected us.

After a couple minutes of getting to know each other, he said, “Let’s focus on you and your business today.”

And over the next 40 minutes, I talked to him about my business, the way I work with clients, what I charge, how I package my services, my support staff, my sales revenue, etc.

He kept asking questions and sharing his thoughts/feedback.

Encouraging me on things he heard that he thought were great.

Bringing up new ideas for me to consider based on his experience working with other business coaches.

He listened, was inquisitive, and I could tell he just wanted to help.

It was awesome. Sometimes the coach needs a coach and that’s what I received this morning!

It’s 5 hours after the call and I’m still flying high from it – I was filled up and encouraged with some of the ‘you’re doing great – keep it up’ and also challenged (in a good way) on additional things I should be trying to do.

There’s something powerful about having people from the outside come in and take a look at you and your business. There’s so much that they can see that you can’t (because you’re in the middle of it.)

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