A Little Less Conversation

logoWhen you get your June/July issue of Remodeling Magazine – you’ll see a two-page article that I wrote.

You can read it here (I saved it as a 2-page PDF)

Please take a couple minutes to read it and let it soak in.

Then send me an email or comment below with ONE item from the table on page two that you are going to take action on and implement.

Dedicated to your success!

Interesting reply

Two things:

1. If you want a straight-up marketing tip – here you go:

Pick up the phone and call ONE previous client today. Simple as:

“Hey! I was thinking about you today and wanted to check in and see how you and the family are doing and how the job we did for you is holding up.”

Nothing more – nothing less. Do this regularly and you might say something like a remodeler in New York told me:

“Kyle – calling 5 previous clients every week for the last six months has turned out to be the best business advice I’ve ever received.”


2. Not marketing related, but equally (or more?) important:

I sent an email on Friday titled ‘Reflection’ – I took the email and turned it into a blog post here. Please read it if you haven’t already.

I received a reply all the way from a builder over in Brisbane, Austrailia.

This bloke (trying my best at Austrailian slang) said it was ok if I shared his reply with you. I hope you find it helpful/encouraging – and that you’ll take similar action on what matters most:

Dear Kyle,

What a beautiful looking day in your part of the world. A complete contrast to the storms we experienced here in Brisbane (Australia) last Friday afternoon.

Upon reflection of my past week (as suggested) I feel a little guilty/hurt/angry as I have not devoted anywhere near enough time as a husband and a father.

I love my family to bits and work hard to support them, but what’s the point when I am at work most the time?

I’d like to thank you for your email as it has reiterated the importance to me of a sustainable work-life balance.

I have been so caught up in my work lately I have being blinded to the fact that I been neglecting the most important thing in my life …. family.

Your suggestion of taking time each week to reflect is a fantastic idea and is something I intend to implement immediately.

I’ve heard the phrase “work to live, not live to work” ….. no doubt I should start to take heed! Thanks again for giving me a little kick in the bum and reminder of what’s important in life.

Keep up the good work – I always enjoy reading your emails. Have a great week.

We had a quick email exchange and he added this in another reply:

Although I do enjoy reading your emails, I very seldom take time to write a reply.

However as mentioned, your email hit a nerve – enough for me to take action immediately!

Your email motivated me to undertake the following:

  • Block out time and set a weekly reminder in my Outlook Calender.

I intend to spend 15 – 20 minutes (2-3 minutes / point) each Friday morning as soon as I arrive at work.

I will spend this ‘quiet’ time reflecting on each one of your bullet points.

This way I will be able to tie off any loose ends from the work week and have time to plan ‘family time’ over the weekend.

  • I’ve also copied your bullet points (titling them “Friday Morning Reflection”) and pasted them to the bottom of my computer screen!

Nothing brings me more energy than helping take a remodeler who is overwhelmed and helping them feel in control of their business.

Want to set-up a time to talk? No cost to get to know each other and the agenda of the 29-minute call will simply be:

  • Tell me where you’re at, where you’re trying to go and what you think is keeping you from getting there. And I’ll share my advice/ideas.

You can schedule a time to talk here.

Reflection (Friday afternoon)

The photo below is the view out my office window here in Michigan.

Coming off Memorial Day, it’s been a quick four day week.

I just took a few minutes on this beautiful Friday afternoon to reflect on these questions and evaluate the week that just happened. I urge you to do the same:

  • How was I as a husband this week?
  • How did I do in my role as a dad?
  • Did I serve, communicate with, and deliver strong value to my clients this week?
  • Did I support my employee and team well this week?
  • Did I work on my business this week and not just in it?
  • Did I invest proper time in myfaith/friends/health/hobbies?
  • What do I need to do to close out the work week strongand head into the weekend with a clear mind?

I don’t reflect to make myself feel guilty if I wasn’t strong in one or more of these areas, but rather to do a quick inventory on what went well and what didn’t.

As entrepreneurs and business people – it’s important for us to slow down a bit and take a few minutes to think and evaluate.

How did you do this week? (would love your email or comment below – I feed off of them)

And more importantly – what are you going to do this weekend and next week to improve in these areas?

Thank you for taking the time to read this – I appreciate that privilege.

He was working long hours and making limited progress

He was going crazy chasing every lead and never had enough time. He pulled out a blank sheet of paper when a new lead came in and didn’t have any formal process that he would take a new lead through. He wasn’t organized and didn’t differentiate himself from any other remodeler.

His sales pipeline was organized in his brain vs. in any type of reliable system. A lot of his time was spent trying to remember what he needed to get done and who he was supposed to follow-up with. This lack of a system resulted in a lot of leads falling through the cracks.

Two years after he finished a job for a client – if you asked that client, “Have you heard from them since your project has been completed?” Their answer was, “No. Not at all.” He wasn’t doing anything to stay-in-touch with his previous clients. This resulted in less repeat and referral work for his business.

All of this impacted his attitude. He was wore out. Didn’t feel like he was making progress in his business. Was always worried he was forgetting to get back to someone. Was usually behind on turning around leads, which hurt his close rate. All of that affected his cash flow and overall profit in the business.

When you are feeling overwhelmed and behind in your business – that affects life at home with the family and the precious (and in his case – limited) time outside of work.

He was working long hours and was making limited progress in really building a remodeling business that was systematic, organized, and driven by proven and solid processes.

In his case (and perhaps yours ) – he spent years trying to solve these problems himself with different forms or off-the-shelf software products.

There were other times he was so overwhelmed that he would just ‘bury his head in the sand’ and ignore the problems – hoping they’d go away.

After years and years – the problems above were still there and he didn’t have them solved.

He had a lot of leads coming in the door, because he did good and quality remodeling work for his clients. He had a good reputation.

What he didn’t have were any tools to help him quality leads, a clear and powerful sales process to follow, reporting to help him know what was working/not working – he was just flying by the seat of his pants without a clear plan/direction.

In the remodeling business – production is king. Doing a great job on that kitchen or bathroom remodel and getting it done in a profitable way is the most important thing…

BUT – if production is going well, yet you’re chasing every lead that is coming in, always struggling to get estimates completed, feeling behind, have a low close rate, and aren’t organized with your marketing efforts – you can be miserable and overwhelmed.

That’s what he was feeling.

Then he reached out to Kyle and signed up for some personalized coaching and his Remodelers AutoPilot program. Things quickly started to turn around for him.

If you nodded your head through everything above, let’s talk.