This post is (primarily) for men who are married. Please read

I just posted this on my Facebook page (view it here.) I’ll copy and paste it below as well.

What I love about my work with remodelers is that it’s not just about marketing and sales. It’s so much more than that. There’s more to life than leads and profits.

Gentleman – I hope you find the post below helpful and challenging. Email me and let me know if you did.

And to the ladies who are reading this post – I hope there is value in it for you as well.


(Even more so if you are married with kids)

This was prompted by an article in my Facebook feed this morning (Read it here.)

From the article:

“But after getting married and having four kids, we drifted apart. We have been through some really tough stuff, including illness, loss, a language delay, anxiety, financial stress, work stress and every little bit of daily stress that comes with parenting.”

If you are married (especially with kids) – it’s very easy to get complacent with your marriage. To put it on back burner.

Too tired. Too wore out. No money to get a babysitter for a date. Lazy. Easier to watch TV for 2 hours after an exhausting day then engage in meaningful conversation or give a back rub or ask how she is doing or show interest in something that she’s into, etc.


When I’m at my WORST it looks like this:
Whiny. Tired. Selfish. Bitter. Raising my voice. Whiny. Whiny some more.

When I’m at my BEST it looks like this:

I MAN UP. I take care of my woman (whether that means conversation, cooking, laundry, cleaning toilets.) Put her first and me second. Engage in good conversation. Pray for her. Make her laugh. Try to make her feel loved.

My point with this email is simply to shake some guys up and tell them to man up, rally, don’t be complacent with your wife, surprise her, cherish her.

Everyone reading this KNOWS that those things are key to a happy, healthy, solid, and fun marriage.

It’s the consistent positive ACTION and the DESIRE to have a happy, healthy, solid, fun marriage that’s the real key.

You have to want it. It’s not going to accidentally happen.

And if you have been screwing it up – go fix it over the coming weeks and months (Note: I didn’t say ‘days.’ It’s a marathon, not a sprint.)

Do something this weekend to man up and delight her. And then do it again on Monday next week. And Thursday. And the followingWednesday.

Careful – you might just start falling in love with her more than you were when you were dating or newlyweds.

And stop acting like we are too macho to talk about these things and that our man to man conversations are only supposed to be about sports and whatever. Bull.

If you want a kick-butt marriage – go make it happen.

Something new this afternoon

The last month has flown by – spoke at the Remodeling Show in Chicago, several weeks of busy work/life, and last week we were on a family trip to Disney World (mostly magical, slightly too HOT.)


This afternoon I’m doing something I’ve never done before…

My wife has been working out consistently over the last couple months. She’s made it a priority and has a group of lady friends she’s doing it with – the group accountability has been key for her.

I know I need to be working out (I’m not overweight, but I’m not fit either.)

Even though I know I need to be doing it – I’m busy (growing business, 4 kids, church commitments, marriage, home, etc.) Don’t ‘have the time.’ Too much else to do.

I know it would be good for me. I know I need to get in better shape. I know it would give me more energy to use in other areas of my life. YET – I haven’t done anything about this year.

Here’s the something new I’m doing this afternoon:

From 3:00-3:30 I’m going to have my first workout with a personal trainer.

There are several areas in my life where I’m self-motivated. Don’t need accountability or coaching. It comes natural and I’m able to get done what I need to get done.

What I realized recently is that working out isn’t one of those things I’m self-motivated about. Therefore, I’m going to invest some money each month, have someone kick my butt, and hold me accountable.

Perhaps my story above is something you can relate to with your fitness/health – but let me spin it another way:

In your remodeling business:

  • How are you doing with improving your sales process so that you can close more of your leads?
  • How well are you following up with your current sales pipeline?
  • Are you staying-in-touch with your previous clients to help you generate more repeat and referral work?

Perhaps these are things that you know you need to be doing a better job of for the health of your business, but you just can’t seem to muster the motivation to get them done and in place (like my problem with working out.)

May I suggest (like my need for a personal trainer/coach for my fitness) – you may be in need of a coach to help you get those areas of your business improved – someone to help and hold you accountable.

May I also suggest, that if that last part rings true for you, please email me so that we can discuss how I can help be that accountability and kick in the butt you need :)

P.S. Speaking of health – It’s the time of the year that a lot of folks are looking into health insurance options. I’ve shared this with you before and have had several people ask me about it recently.This is the health insurance alternative that my family and I use (it’s Affordable Care Act compliant too.) With rising premiums/deductibles – this might be something that can help you out. I recorded an audio about it here.

$10, $100, $1000

Something I’ve heard consistently over the last several months from my remodeling clients:

“I’m busy! There’s so much to do to keep up.”

Perhaps you can relate?

A piece of advice that I’ve been giving often lately is to make sure that you are focused on $100/hour and $1000/hour work – and delegating out the $10/hour work.

Here’s what I mean by that:

  • Track your time this week and next. Print out this document and fill in your activities next to the time slots.
  • Next to each activity put $10, $100, or $1000 – here’s how you determine that:
    • Examples of $10 work: Depositing money at the bank, taking out the trash, printing invoices, addressing envelopes, data entry into QuickBooks or CRM system, picking up supplies or permits, running to Office Depot or the Post Office, etc.
    • Examples of $100 work: Putting together an estimate for a prospect, reviewing a job cost report, setting up the schedule for an upcoming kitchen remodel, leading a pre-construction conference and smoothly handing off the project from sales to production, ordering custom cabinets for a client, communicating a change order to a client, etc.
    • Examples of $1000 work: Your in-person meetings with a new prospect. Presenting your design/proposal to a prospect. Business planning/strategy and reviewing your financials. Networking for your business.

If you read through those – what you should see is this:

As the business owner – you need to figure out a way to delegate the $10/hour work. You don’t have the time to be doing that work and you are too valuable to be spending one second of your time on it.

$100/hour – hopefully you have someone on your team who you can delegate some of this work to. It’s valuable work – takes skill to pull it off – but as the leader of the business, you want your time to be focused on…

$1000/hour work – this is the work that no one in your business can do as well as you. It’s selling your business to a new prospect. It’s the time invested in working ‘on’ your business vs. ‘in’ your business.

Give your schedule a hard look and start to focus on how you can delegate more $10/hour (and $100/hour) work out. It’s key to keeping your business moving forward and to ensure your family, friends and golf clubs/fishing poles still remember your name…


Another way to save time in your business is to get Remodelers AutoPilot implemented. This is what Bret Oleksyn with Odd Fellows Contracting has to say about the system:

“Remodelers AutoPilot has kept me very organized. All of my client information is at my fingertips. We keep in touch with our previous clients very easily with done-for-you email newsletters. I’m able to send out our appointment confirmation email with a click.

It’s like the least expensive employee we have. It’s reliable, never gets sick, and is consistent. It helps us keep a professional and organized appearance to our prospects and clients.”

Please contact us if you’d like more information.

P.S. You may remember from a few months back, I told you about ‘Seddon Days.’

The man behind that, Mike Seddon, passed away yesterday after a tough battle with cancer. He’s been an inspiration to me and I’d like you to honor my colleague Mike by reviewing these 5 Key Questions you need to be asking yourself to make sure that you are building a business for the life you really want to live.


It’s time to hustle and pick up the mess of a living room

It’s not magical or complicated – it’s about being consistent with practical and proven things.

One of the most popular things I’ve written over the years is the “30 Little Ways to Differentiate Your Remodeling Business” <— If you click that link the PDF will open for you.

I think the reason people like it is because it just makes sense and it reinforces what we all know:

The best way to differentiate yourself and close more business is by doing a lot of little things right. It’s not magical or complicated – it’s about being consistent with practical and proven things.

For Example…

At the end of the initial phone call with a new remodeling prospect – you can say the following:

“You’ll be receiving an email from us containing a document titled: ‘What to Expect at our First Meeting.’ Please read and review that before we meet. We’ll send you the email this afternoon.”

And then send them an appointment confirmation email.

In the email, include the ‘What to Expect at our First Meeting’ doc as you mentioned – along with a link to your website, link to the Cost vs. Value Report, and a link to Houzz with something like this:

“We recommend that you start daydreaming on which is a great resource when you are planning any remodel. (Here is a quick video we created that shows you how to set-up a account and Ideabooks.)”

Be sure to thank them for the opportunity and let them know you are excited to meet them.

When they receive that email – what are some of the things that will be going through their head?

  • “Wow, these guys are organized”
  • “This obviously isn’t the first time they’ve done this – they have a nice process.”
  • “They are timely!”
  • “Hey honey, come and create this idea book with me so that we can send it back to the remodeler.”
  • [And other positive and good things that you want them thinking about you.]

Marketing is all about building know, like and trust. A simple appointment confirmation email with solid resources and links is a great way to start the process off.

My remodelers who use Remodelers AutoPilot send out this professional appointment confirmation email with one click of a button. It happens quickly and consistently. Please reply back if you’d like to hear more about the system.

One of my goals today was to get this blog post written up.

I got the kids down for bed a little bit ago and my wife will be home from choir rehearsal in a bit (she directs a county youth choir on Monday nights.)

I typed this up and posted it to you so that I can check that off the to-do list today. Now it’s time to hustle and pick up the mess of a living room so that I have a happy wife when she walks through the door :)

Hope your September is going well – reach out anytime
P.S. Please let me know if you are you heading to the Remodeling Show in Chicago (Sept 30th – Oct 2nd)?

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