Mike Trout and Your Sales Process

I’ve always been a baseball fan.

I cut my teeth in business by buying and selling baseball cards growing up. I had a website and business called Major League Cards – throughout high school and into college, I had a little baseball card ‘empire’ – I averaged $500-$750 of profit every month. More importantly then that – I loved it! And it taught me a ton about hustle, hard work (I painstakingly added 1,000’s of cards to my website – I packaged up cards – stuffed envelopes – mailed them out – had a blast doing it.)

The reason I’m talking about baseball is because I was thinking about your sales process.

Mike Trout – arguably the best player in baseball these days – you know what he does every week? Batting Practice. Here he is – the best in the game – he’s practicing – hitting the cages and honing his craft.

What about you?

How much are you practicing your craft? How often are you doing some “batting practice” related to your sales process?

Think about common objections you hear:

  • “Wow, that’s more expensive then I thought it was going to be”
  • “I don’t know what our budget is, that’s why I’m asking you”
  • “When can you start this bathroom project?”
  • “Can you break out that kitchen estimate in more detail for us?”

You can count 90% of the objections on 5 or fewer fingers.

Write out the objections you’re always hearing! THEN – Batting Practice – practice what you’re going to say. Get better and better and better at it. Improve your answer. Prepare. Build your confidence.

Reach out anytime!

P.S. If you’re a residential remodeler with a focus on kitchen and bathroom remodeling and you are not staying in touch with your previous clients, Remodelers AutoPilot is a perfect fit for you! Details here.

They already know, like, and trust you

Your previous clients already know, like, and trust you.

Chances are, the majority of the dollars you put in your business bank account this year are coming from your previous clients – either repeat work or referrals from them.

They are your most valuable marketing asset! Yet…

  • 8 out of 10 remodelers I speak with don’t have an organized previous client list (contact details are hiding in Quick Books, maybe in an out-of-date spreadsheet, in manila folders, etc.)
  • 8 out of 10 remodelers I speak with haven’t sent squat to their previous clients in the last 12 months (they assume they will just reach out or refer them without needing to stay top of mind)
  • The 2 out of 10 remodelers who do have an organized client list and actively stay in touch will generate more repeat work and referrals.

To recap:

  • The majority of your revenue is from previous clients
  • They’re your most valuable marketing asset
  • You probably don’t have your previous client list organized
  • You probably aren’t staying in touch with them
  • You’re missing out on more repeat and referral work because of it!

Action Steps:

  • Organize your previous client list! Start by exporting it out of QuickBooks or wherever you have it. Open up a spreadsheet – get it organized!
    • First/Last Name, Street, City/St/Zip, Email, Phone, Date of Last Project, etc. Keep it simple
  • Decide on a date when you’re going to reach out to them
  • Execute! Draft the email. Make it happen

Remodelers AutoPilot can make this easy for you (here’s a little video that shows you how it works.)

When we set-up Remodelers AutoPilot, we get your previous client list organized and uploaded. We create a clear plan for staying in touch with them. You have a done-for-you email that gets created each month to send out to your list.

You can try it for the first month for $1.

Whatever you choose to do, please move staying in touch with your previous clients to the TOP of your marketing plan! It’s the most important part.

3 Quick Items to Help You and an Announcement

I like to give, give – and then give some more! – value to you. It never sits great to ASK for something in return or openly promote my wares! You give me your time and attention and I value and appreciate that immensely. SO – to make myself feel better about the promotion I’m about to make, I’ll start it with a few quick items of value:

  1. In your Sales Process – Are you sending out an email to a prospect between the initial phone call and the first appointment? It’s a great way to build know, like, and trust and differentiate your remodeling business. Here’s a template you can use – go and implement it!
  2. Here is an amazing ten-word email that revives dead remodeling leads. Use it today!
  3. Remodelers On The Rise – I’ve been posting there consistently over the last many months. There’s free training, ideas, inspiration, encouragement for you as a remodeler. Give it a listen!

Ok – now that I feel like some solid value has been delivered to you…. 🙂 I’m very excited to announce my new product: Remodelers AutoPilot

Your most valuable marketing asset is your previous client list. Are you staying in touch with them?

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If you’re a remodeler who does a lot of kitchen and bathroom remodeling – this program is built for you and solves a very specific (and common) marketing problem. 

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How to Proactively Work for 5-Star Reviews

One of my clients recently sent out this email a customer who was mid-project:

“I’m just checking in to make sure you are happy with your project and the progress so far.

If you have any concerns or issues that would prevent you from giving us a 5 Star Rating at the end of the project, please let me know, and I will address it ASAP.

We can’t wait to see the finished project! Thanks again for choosing us!”

This was simple, direct, and powerful. As the owner, he demonstrated to his client that he was involved in their project and concerned about their happiness with the progress that had been made. More importantly, he gave them a chance to bring up any concerns they had so that adjustments could be made and they could rectify any problems.

Instead of waiting until the end of the project for the customer to say, “I wish you would have…” they were given the opportunity to speak about any concerns so that him and his team could ensure the project ended on a high note.

In this case, the client immediately responded to the email enthusiastic about how the project was going, “MARVELOUS!!! Definitely get a 5-star rating. Chip gets 6 stars. Project moving along smoothly. Some problems, but taken care of immediately. All workers are polite and knowledgeable in their craft. Carolyn right on point and really helped with the design. What else can I say?”

This email further solidified the client’s satisfaction with their project and choice. It was a short, simple email that kept communication lines open and made sure that they were doing everything they could to receive a 5-star review at the end of the project.

I hope this example encourages you to keep the lines of communication open with your clients so that you can be proactive is solving problems and doing everything you can to ensure satisfied customers for years to come.

Running a successful remodeling business is about doing the ‘little things’ – this is an example of one of those little things.