They already know, like, and trust you

Your previous clients already know, like, and trust you.

Chances are, the majority of the dollars you put in your business bank account this year are coming from your previous clients – either repeat work or referrals from them.

They are your most valuable marketing asset! Yet…

  • 8 out of 10 remodelers I speak with don’t have an organized previous client list (contact details are hiding in Quick Books, maybe in an out-of-date spreadsheet, in manila folders, etc.)
  • 8 out of 10 remodelers I speak with haven’t sent squat to their previous clients in the last 12 months (they assume they will just reach out or refer them without needing to stay top of mind)
  • The 2 out of 10 remodelers who do have an organized client list and actively stay in touch will generate more repeat work and referrals.

To recap:

  • The majority of your revenue is from previous clients
  • They’re your most valuable marketing asset
  • You probably don’t have your previous client list organized
  • You probably aren’t staying in touch with them
  • You’re missing out on more repeat and referral work because of it!

Action Steps:

  • Organize your previous client list! Start by exporting it out of QuickBooks or wherever you have it. Open up a spreadsheet – get it organized!
    • First/Last Name, Street, City/St/Zip, Email, Phone, Date of Last Project, etc. Keep it simple
  • Decide on a date when you’re going to reach out to them
  • Execute! Draft the email. Make it happen

Remodelers AutoPilot can make this easy for you (here’s a little video that shows you how it works.)

When we set-up Remodelers AutoPilot, we get your previous client list organized and uploaded. We create a clear plan for staying in touch with them. You have a done-for-you email that gets created each month to send out to your list.

You can try it for the first month for $1.

Whatever you choose to do, please move staying in touch with your previous clients to the TOP of your marketing plan! It’s the most important part.

Around the Horn on Marketing, Sales, and Office Management with Bryan Sebring

Bryan Sebring of Sebring Design Build and I go ‘around the horn’ with my questions discussing his top tip/best thought that has positively impacted his remodeling business in these areas:

Marketing (4:15)
Sales Process (13:34)
Managing Your Team (21:00)
Financials/Job-Costing (26:38)
Systems/Software (34:02)
Work/Life Balance (35:59)

If you prefer listening to watching, check out the podcast here. 

Bryan has been in the construction industry since 1993 and opened his Sebring Design Build in 1999. He lives in his hometown with his wife, Jenny, and their four children.

Profit First for Contractors

Kyle Interviews Shawn Van Dyke

Shawn Van Dyke is a construction industry business coach, speaker, and author and has taken the core concepts of Mike Michalowicz’s Profit First and customized them to address the specific needs of the construction industry in his book, Profit First for Contractors.

Shawn is a great and knowledgeable guy and in this recording, once I get past talking about his vs. my hair,

I interview him on:

– Making Cents of the Financial Statements – Why it’s so important to understand your numbers

– How Profit First for Contractors Works – What it is, the basic format of it, and why it works.

– We dig into the Initial Assessment Exercise from Profit First

– And then do some rapid-fire questions about helping you forget about Industry Standards, Destroying Debt, and other key takeaways we’d like to you walk away from this recording with.

Enjoy! You can find a copy of the book at:

If you’d prefer to listen, rather than watch, you can find the audio on the Remodelers on the Rise podcast here. 


You might see a mess… I see $5400 of savings!

The left side of this image might look like a bit of mess. But it is a BEAUTIFUL mess!

I grabbed the screenshot during a recent Remodelers Circle mastermind meeting. My client mentioned he has a lot of stuff stacked up in the back of his office now because he decided he didn’t need to be spending $450/month on a storage unit that he had been renting for a long time.

That’s $5400 that he will NOT be spending on the storage unit and that he can reinvest in his business, put in savings, or draw from the company.


Hold every dollar you spend in your business accountable! Is it really worth it? Do you HAVE to spend it? Challenge every expense you have and cut the fat.

One of my clients shared this the other day: “Even though times are good – I want to run my business like things AREN’T good. I’ve been through this a time or two – things will cool off and I don’t want to be stuck running a business that’s spending too much.”

P.S. In the case of my client, he’s putting the $5400 towards a new benefit he’s offering to his employees. He sees the goodwill and benefit of that as much more important than the storage unit and bit of a mess he needs to sort through in his office. I agree!