Strategy before Tactics

A lot of times with our marketing efforts – we focus on the tactics.

I need to update my website. I should post on Facebook. I’m going to run an ad in that local publication. I’m going to participate in the Parade of Homes.

Nothing is wrong with any of the tactics I just mentioned.

The problem is that we need to start our marketing plan with Strategy before Tactics.

Your Marketing Strategy starts with two main things:

1. What truly makes you different? How are you unique and different in what you offer or how you offer it? What is it that your clients truly value about what you do?

2. Who is your Ideal Client and what is your Ideal Project?

When you get very clear with those items, it clarifies what marketing tactics you should use.

Let me give you an obvious example:

If my ideal client values exceptional quality and design excellence. If they value a clean jobsite and excellent communication. If my ideal project is a full home addition for a higher-end client…

Which marketing tactics would make the most sense?

Generating leads from Home Advisor and running an ad in the local Valpak coupon mailers


Developing relationships and strategic partnerships with local interior designers and higher-end real estate agents. Participating in the local Parade of Homes event to show off the high-end home addition you recently completed

With that example, what I’m trying to show you is when you identify what makes you different and what your ideal project is – it will color what marketing tactics you choose.

Understanding your Marketing Strategy is what we’re going to focus on in Lesson #2 of Remodel Your Marketing Plan – my 5 week training couse that will be starting on 1/11/18.

The investment for the training is $147 and I’d love to have you be a part of it.


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I put the date in the subject line, because if you’re like me – it’s hard to keep track of what day it is in this week between Christmas and New Years!

I hope that you’ve been able to enjoy some time off for Christmas and additional R&R coming up for New Year’s weekend. And then…

It’s 2018 and it will be time to fire things back up and start the year out strong!

One of the ways that you can do that is by participating in a 5 Week Course that I’ll be starting on January 11th called:

Remodel Your Marketing Plan

You can learn more about the course here.

You can also watch the webinar that I did related to the class (lots of great free training in the webinar) and download the full webinar handout here.

The 5 Week Live Training is focused on two deliverables for you:

1. A clear 2018 Marketing Plan for your remodeling business
2. A clear and specific 2018 Marketing Budget for your business


It will be a great way for you to get some professional coaching, direction, and a solid Marketing Plan & Budget in place to set you up for major success in 2018.

Would love to have you as part of the training!

Webinar + Encouragement for you

webinar[Click the video (or this link) to view]

As an encouragement to you – the behind the scenes of this video that took me 6 takes.

Recorded it the first time – went ok. Wanted to edit it down a little though

Botched the start of the 2nd and 3rd one

4th try I got through half of it then wanted to change something I said near the beginning

5th was good – but realized it was 68 seconds though and it wouldn’t fit (timewise) as an Instagram post

6th was solid – and I went with it (even though I said 2017 and had to correct myself at the end.)

I posted it on Instagram, my private Facebook Group (Remodelers Community), and I’m using it here in an email to you.

Took about 20 minutes total – and I know that next time it will go better/smoother. I also know that it will help convince more people to sign up for the webinar because they will know what to expect and it’s a little interesting/different.

Pull out your iPhone when you are on a jobsite or in your office – record and share some educational thoughts/ideas – unique things on the job – detailed way you clean the jobsite – etc. etc. – your remodeling clients/prospects will like it and the more you do it the better you will get at it.

It’s good marketing that I’d like to see you execute on!

P.S. My webinar is Thursday (12/14 at 1:00PM EST) and is titled ‘Your Personalized 2018 Marketing Game Plan

RSVP here!

My wife is right

I posted this fill in the blank question on my Facebook page yesterday:

‘Something I didn’t do very well in 2017 – that I’m going to kick-butt at in 2018 is ________.’

I had a lot of people chime in, but my wife Sarah commented on the post with, ‘I would prefer to talk about the things we did well in 2017.

When I got home, she expanded on that and said:

“I’m just tired of focusing on all the things I’m not doing well and need to get better at vs. spending time on the positive side of things and the things that have been improved and are better.”

Being married to a business coach who’s focused on constant improvement for my clients (and myself) can probably be a little taxing to live with at times :)

Sarah brings up a great point – as you wrap up 2017 this month – spend some time to focus on how far you’ve come in the last 11+ months.

Let that soak in. Let that motivate you.

Let that encourage you.

Let that push you to even better things in 2018.

So, I’ll rephrase my question from yesterday:

What’s something you improved and kicked butt at this year?