Two weeks notice from your main guy. Crap.

Sure, it’s important to continue to generate quality leads.

It’s important to improve your sales process and turn more of those leads into paying projects.

Yes, you need to be staying in touch with your previous clients.

Of course, continue to be smart and invest time and energy in your marketing and sales process (maybe with my program.)

But, in our industry right now – in your business right now – not much is more important than keeping your people happy and fulfilled in their job (especially your carpenters.)

I received this yesterday from one of my clients:

‘Kyle – Reaching out for some input. Our main carpenter just gave his two weeks notice. This is a big blow – especially in this busy season.’

I send this email to serve as a reminder – take care of your team! Let them know you care about them.

Ask each of them, ‘what do you need from me? How can I help you enjoy your job and continue to grow and improve?

Take the time to let them know you value them and that you care about them. Invest in training them.

That survey response you received from your client about how much they loved having ‘Joe’ (your guy) in their home – print it out, attach a thank you and gas card to it.

Your team is a very, very valuable asset. Do everything you can to continue to strengthen your relationship with them.

There’s no magic bullet or tip I have for you on this. Just care and do everything you can to make them feel valued and respected.

And continue to recruit. Always be on the lookout for new potential talent and team members. Be aggressive with it and don’t sit back on your heels.

About 6 weeks ago this happened

About 6 weeks ago, a client I’ve been working with for a while asked if we could review his sales process.

He’s made a lot of changes and improvements over the last year and wanted a tune-up and to review things.

Smart, right? Never settle and think you’ve got it all figured out (me with you.)

He shared with me the questions he’s asking on the initial phone call with a new remodeling prospect.

How he’s explaining his design agreement and process. How he’s using Remodelers AutoPilot. His process when he gets to the home for the initial in-person meeting.

As we were digging into things, one thing jumped out at me…

I asked him, ‘Hey, how many minutes have your initial phone calls with new prospects been? Sounds like you’re rushing through that step a bit…’

He agreed – he hasn’t been setting up the call well and letting them know the call usually lasts 10-15 minutes and confirming with them that that works for them.

He hasn’t been asking as many questions about their project. He hasn’t been explaining his process as well as he used to.

And what this has caused is that he’s quickly booking a time to go out and meet with them. He hasn’t qualified them very well. He hasn’t talked budget with them at all. He hasn’t built a lot of know, like, and trust with them. He hasn’t been differentiating himself from the other remodelers these people may be talking with.

And that has all added to him wasting a lot of his precious (and limited!) time.


Fast forward, and over the last few weeks he’s gotten back to the things he learned and was previously doing.

He told me, ‘I’ve been saying to prospects that ‘this call usually lasts between 10-15 minutes, does that work for you?’ – and it’s changed the entire tone of the conversation! We’re taking more time to get to know each other. I’m understanding them and their project more. We are talking about budget much more often.

And besides all of the benefits that come from those things – I’m protecting my time because I’m weeding out the tire kickers and folks that aren’t a good fit (in a professional way.)’


Punch line for you – take a look at your sales process.

What can you be doing more/less of? Don’t settle! And don’t back slide! Keep improving.

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More focus on fewer things

I’m feeling refreshed after a week-long vacation with the family. A vacation with four kids always begs for a ‘vacation from the vacation,’ but it’s all good :)

I was able to disconnect my brain from the work side of life while we were away, but what’s interesting is that I had one clear epiphany that came to me last week.

I’m working on too many things in my business.

Over the last several months, I’ve been dabbling with 8-10 projects – new marketing initiatives, testing and trying things, planning new events or products/services, etc.

What needs to happen in order to drive better results:

More focus on fewer things.

So this morning I spent some time selecting the 2-3 things that are going to get 90% of my time/attention.

Note: These are 2-3 on the business things that are going to get 90% of the time I have set aside for working on the business (vs. in the business.)

I’m not going to forget about the other projects, but I’m putting them squarely in the ‘Parking Lot’ – which are ideas that are still good but aren’t going to get any attention for now.


This ‘more focus on fewer things’ mantra is probably applicable to your business as well? Something to think about.

Hey Kyle – that’s a good idea

I have a client (a residential remodeler) who has received some good referrals from an interior designer in the past.

She’s sent him some great leads that have turned into great clients!

All of her referrals have been thrilled with his work. Great all the way around, except…

He hasn’t heard from her (the interior designer) in about a year. She hasn’t reached out. My client hasn’t reached out to her. It’s just been radio silence.

A couple weeks ago I said to my client as we were reviewing his Remodelers AutoPilot account and seeing where he’s been generating his leads from, ‘Hey, have you heard from that interior designer lately?’

Nope.’ he said.

‘You should reach out to her,’ I said.

He replied: ‘Hey Kyle – that’s a good idea!’

(Fancy ideas like this is why they pay me the big bucks folks…)

Fast forward, my client reached out to the interior designer. He simply picked up the phone and called her!

They set up a time for lunch and on the phone she said: ‘Hey, I have a referral for you – I’ll share it with you at lunch!’

Why hasn’t she sent him any referrals in the last year? Why did it take him reaching out to her to finally prompt a referral? Why has she not reached out to him at all lately? Not sure.

But I do know that when you proactively reach out to your strategic partners (people who share the same ideal client as you do and that can refer you) – good things happen.

I see it all the time.

Developing more of them and strengthening the relationships you already have with your strategic partners should be a key part of your Marketing Plan.


Remodelers AutoPilot could (should?) be a key part of your marketing plan too :)

Be productive today – not just busy,



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