Here’s to more focus on the work we love

What do you really love doing in your work?

I’m heading to Nashville this week – I’m fired up for Friday morning. I’ll be speaking in front of 100 or so remodelers two different times. It’s the favorite thing I do in my business.

I love the butterflies before things get started. I love trying to engage the room. To teach with energy and humor. To encourage them to implement and change. To work hard to build know, like, and trust with the group.

The last couple weeks, I’ve snuck in a little more time to write. I enjoy writing content. Grabbing stories and ideas from my life and sharing them with you. I enjoy the fact that I can teach and you can learn through the content. I love figuring out how to elegantly weave in my services to try and get people to reach out and inquire about how I can help them.

I love getting on the phone with remodelers. I love when they open up and are real with me – telling me about themselves and their business.

And, based on my experience, I have the privilege of giving them ideas, offering help on how they can improve, and about what I would next focus on if I were in their shoes.

Not only do I enjoy the things above, but they feel most natural for me. They are the things (I think) I do the best. They are the most valuable work that I can be focused on.

My question for you: What is the work that you really love doing in your business?

And let’s both think about this…

How can we delegate more of the other work we do so that we can focus more of our time and energy on the stuff we love doing the most?

It’s a tricky puzzle to crack, but it’s doable. Especially when you think strategically about it.

Reply back or reach out if you want to chat about this topic or anything else that’s on your mind.

Here’s to more focus on the work we love,


This just happened in Panera

I’m sitting at Panera and knocking out a little work – my headphones are in, but I can still hear the two guys next to me pretty well.

It’s a sales call of some health-related service of some sort – the buyer is giving off body language that says he’s suspicious of what the product is claiming to do. Asking a lot of pointed questions. Very closed off.

I thought to myself, ‘this meeting ain’t going well!’

THEN – somehow fishing came up. The buyer’s body language changed – the seller started talking about his bass fishing tournaments and boat – the buyer talked about his recent fishing trip. Things went from serious to laughing and connecting and having a good time!

Lesson? Look for openings in the conversation to find common ground. Ask questions that might lead the conversation that way. Find shared interests. It’s all about connecting and building ‘know, like, and trust.’

It’s also a lot more fun for not just the buyer, but the seller. Work on building a relationship vs. just SELLING. Be real! Be yourself!

Hopefully, that’s a thought that you can keep in mind and that will prove helpful to you in the days and weeks ahead.

Keep working hard,

Here and there

My goal is for you to find something of value in this post – something that you’ll be able to grab and implement into your life and/or business. Here goes:

Is it friendly? Professional? Make sure it’s not the default: ‘you’ve reached 5 1 7 9 0 2…’

If it’s not very professional, if you sound grumpy or in a hurry – record it and make it better (an idea I shared in Remodelers Community – another free Facebook group you might consider joining.)

So we’ve talked about Eating Your Frog, securing Google Reviews, opportunity to work on the balance of Faith/Family/Business/Life, and a quick reminder about your voicemail messages.

Lastly, if you are looking for a way to save time and execute your sales and marketing at a higher level – here’s a video that clearly explains how Remodelers AutoPilot works and what it includes.

Time: How to find more of it

A few quick things for you today:

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I’ll be in Nashville next week for the National Remodeling Show! Are you going to be there? Let me know so that we can meet up in-person.

I’ll be teaching two sessions on Friday (10/27/17) morning – would love to see you there:

  • 10:00AM – F03 What You Must Do to Make a Great First Impression – Room 202A
  • 1:00PM – F08 5 Powerful Words When Talking With a Prospective Client – Room 202A


Time. How do we save it? How do we find more of it?

That’s one of the key things Remodelers AutoPilot offers.

It helps you quickly organize your sales pipeline, follow-up with a click, fire out an appointment confirmation email in seconds, send out a professional monthly email newsletter to your entire list in a couple minutes, schedule 5 Facebook posts with hardly lifting a finger – the time savings adds up each week as you execute your sales and marketing at a very high-level.

Find out more about the program here.