What should you measure? A quick thought

What gets measured, gets improved.

Whether it’s an app to track what you’re eating throughout the day and keeping track of calories.

Or tracking your remodeling leads and where they’re coming from.

Or tracking how much you’re spending on your family’s eating out budget.

Or carefully measuring your job costing on a kitchen remodeling project.

Or writing down what time your crew leaves the office every morning.

Or how often you’re staying in touch/marketing to your previous clients.

What gets measured, gets improved.

What you need to think about for your business is: What are the important things that I need to track?

Some people call these things ‘Key Performance Indicators’ (KPI’s) – these are things you measure and track because they’re a huge indicator of success.

If you track and measure them regularly – they will improve and good things will happen.

If you ignore and neglect them – bad things will happen.

For you, what is something you need to track more closely?

What service should you not offer anymore?

unnamedOur 10-year-old daughter, Piper, is taking sewing lessons this summer. What a great skill to learn! She loves it too.

She went with my wife and bought some fabric the other day and then they needed to wash it (to pre shrink it – who knew.)

I was taking the fabric out of the dryer and folding it last night and realized I can’t sew clothes.

Nor (most likely) will I ever develop the skill.

And that’s ok. We can’t be amazing at 100 different things.

In fact, the fewer things we focus on – the more mastery we can achieve.

Are you a remodeler who does kitchens, bathrooms, roofs, decks, windows, additions, plumbing, drywall, doors, new construction, etc.?

Is your tagline: ‘No job too big, no job too small. We do it all!’

Trying to be all things to all people is tough.

It’s tough to get your processes/systems humming.

It’s tough to command the premium pricing that a specialist can charge vs. a generalist.

As a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ – it’s harder to train your team or to know your numbers well.

Your sales process and marketing is more complex.


I can’t sew and I’m ok with that.

I’m also ok that I don’t offer my coaching services to any and all businesses.

HVAC and electrical companies? Not my ideal client. I’m zeroed in on the niche of remodelers who focus on interior home remodeling.

By going deep into a narrow niche – I can provide more value. I can be a specialist vs. a generalist.

Something to think about for your business…

What service(s) should you not offer anymore so that you can put more time, energy, marketing, and effort into the exact project that you are best and most profitable at?

One thing

I’m working on a new website for my Remodelers Circle program.

Like any website project – it has a lot of moving parts. I need to figure out the pages to include, how I want it designed, and lots of content writing.

Last week I worked on it for about an hour. What did I have to show for my hour of dedicated work?

Absolutely nothing.

I started writing some content. Then switched to making an outline of the menu and what pages I wanted to create. Bounced over to my main website to see what blog posts I would move over to the new website. Tinkered with a testimonial that one of my clients sent over.

I was sporadic and jumping all over the place.

The next day before I sat down to work on the project again, I thought for a minute and picked ONE thing. Just one thing related to the project to focus on and move forward.

At the end of that hour, I had one piece of content written out and completed. I was able to check something off!


A lot of your remodeling projects for clients are like what I described above. A lot of the ‘working on the business’ items you long to focus on are like this as well.

They’re projects that have a lot of moving parts and pieces and a ton of things that you have to do.

Let this be a reminder to break your work and tasks down to bite-sized chunks.

Decide on what ONE thing you’re going to grab and drive through to completion vs. dabbling on five different things and not getting anything actually done.

Like a lot of my blog posts, I write them as a reminder to me as much as I do to you :) I hope you found this helpful.


I’m excited to be launching two new Remodelers Circle Mastermind Groups in September! Until I get the new and snazzy website done, you can get the details on Remodelers Circle here.

Let me know if you’d like to talk more about this transformational group.

It’s powerful to be in a professionally facilitated and organized group with like-minded, similar sized remodelers who are eager to learn and to share ideas, templates, and best practices with each other.


Remember: Focus, pick one thing, and complete it!

Implement a design retainer process

From one of my remodeling clients:

“Super excited to share this: Just this week we implemented a design retainer process and so far we are 2/2! If nothing else, we will have been paid for our time, but more importantly – our clients will be receiving better service!”

Whether you call it a design retainer, project development agreement, or professional services agreement – the approach and process of getting paid for your time to develop a detailed proposal is something you need to study and consider implementing.

Your knowledge, time, and professional experience are valuable and you should be compensated for it.

Remember: There’s a big difference between offering a free estimate vs. a proposal where you offer detailed specifications and a guaranteed budget.

Session #2 in my Remodel Your Sales Process course covers this topic in depth and offers several example templates you can download and customize for your business.

You can purchase the Remodel Your Sales Process course (see details here) or (better yet!) as a member of one of my Remodelers Circle mastermind groups, you get access to it as one of the benefits of being a member.


Would you like to set up a time to talk via phone in the coming week or two?

You and I will talk about (1) you and your business, (2) where you’re trying to go in the future, (3) what’s holding you back from where you are to where you want to be, and then I’ll (4) offer you some recommendations. Request the phone call here.


Have a great Monday!