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Wasting time on unqualified leads.

Disorganized sales process and sales pipeline.

Leads falling through the cracks.

No clear reporting on what works/doesn’t work.

Failing to stay-in-touch to harvest repeat and referral work.

Trying to figure it out all on your own while working long hours.

Finally an Easy-to-use Sales Pipeline & Marketing Software for Remodelers

Your sales process transformed. Sales pipeline organized. Follow-up and stay-in-touch marketing automated in 60 days.

My name is Kyle Hunt. For the last 9 years I’ve worked closely with remodelers around the country.

I write regularly for Remodeling Magazine and NARI, along with other industry publications and have been a featured speaker at IBS, the national Remodeling Show, and numerous HBA’s.



Before starting my business, I helped manage a remodeling company in Michigan for a number of years and led the company and our four bath & kitchen designers, to double-digit increases in revenue and profits and greatly improved the systems and processes within the business.

Nine years ago, with a stay-at-home wife, young kids, a crummy economy, not a lot of money in the bank – I decided to leave a nice job and start my own business.

Why? Well, not to sound too sappy… But I did it for remodelers like you. I saw a great need out there for a proven, practical and effective approach to sales and marketing for remodelers.

Most of my remodeling clients focus on selling kitchen, bathroom, and addition projects and are seeking to increase their profits while shrinking the number of hours they work and the stress they are carrying. Time and again I’m able to deliver those results.

Take for example Bret & Kris Oleksyn with Odd Fellows Contracting

Bret & Kris are the perfect example of why I love the remodeling industry. This industry is full of great people.

People who want to do a great job for their client. Build something that is professionally done and will stand the test of time.

Bret & Kris are fun to be around – they care about their clients and do outstanding work. Over the last year or so I had this thought:

If I were to take off my coaching/consulting hat and start my own remodeling business – I would want to structure and run it just like Odd Fellows Contracting.

But I wouldn’t have said that about Odd Fellows Contracting a few years ago.

When I started working with Bret and his wife Kris several years back…

  • Their remodeling business was stagnant.
  • They were chasing every lead that came in and didn’t have any structure to their sales process.
  • They weren’t organized and struggled with following-up with prospects.
  • They had no marketing plan in place to help differentiate their business from the competition – they looked, talked and acted the same as everyone else and, therefore, always competed on price.
  • They were spending money to generate leads, but weren’t sure what was working or not working.
  • They had a pretty good list of clients, but didn’t do anything to stay-in-touch with them.

Does Their Situation Sound Familiar?

  • He was going crazy chasing every lead and never had enough time.
  • Because he didn’t have an organized sales process and wasn’t qualifying any of the leads, he was wasting time.
    • Bret had less time to focus on qualified/ideal leads, because he was spending too much time on bad leads.
  • He pulled out a blank sheet of paper when a new lead came in and didn’t have any formal process that he would take a new lead through.
    • He wasn’t organized and didn’t differentiate himself from any other remodeler.
  • His sales pipeline was organized in his brain vs. in any type of reliable system. This lack of a system resulted in a lot of leads falling through the cracks.
  • Bret was spending money on advertising, but because he wasn’t tracking his leads and where they were coming from – he couldn’t tell you what was working or not working over the course of the year. This resulted in wasted advertising dollars and missed opportunities in doing more of what was working.
  • Two years after Bret finished a job for a client – if you asked that client, “Have you heard from Bret and Odd Fellows Contracting since your project has been completed?” Their answer was, “No. Not at all.” Bret wasn’t doing anything to stay-in-touch with his previous clients. This resulted in less repeat and referral work for his business.
  • All of this impacted his attitude. He was wore out. Didn’t feel like he was making progress in his business. Was always worried he was forgetting to get back to someone. Was usually behind on turning around leads, which hurt his close rate. All of that affected his cash flow and overall profit in the business.
  • And as you can imagine – when you are feeling overwhelmed and behind in your business – that affects life at home with the family and the precious (and in Bret’s case – limited) time outside of work.

He was working long hours and was making limited progress in really building a remodeling business that was systematic, organized, and driven by proven and solid processes.

Does this sound like your situation?

In Bret’s case (and perhaps yours) – he spent years trying to solve these problems himself with different forms or off-the-shelf software products.

There were other times he was so overwhelmed that he would just ‘bury his head in the sand’ and ignore the problems – hoping they’d go away.

After years and years – the problems above were still there and he didn’t have them solved.

Not all of this was his fault. Bret had a lot of leads coming in the door, because he did good and quality remodeling work for his clients. He had a good reputation.

What he didn’t have were any tools to help him qualify leads, a clear and powerful sales process to follow, reporting to help him know what was working/not working – he was just flying by the seat of his pants without a clear plan/direction.

If you’re chasing every lead that is coming in, always struggling to get estimates completed, feeling behind, have a low close rate, and aren’t organized with your marketing efforts – you can be miserable and overwhelmed. That’s what Bret was feeling.

Then, On a Tuesday Night in October, Things Changed

At a local Home Builders Association in Lansing, Michigan Bret was listening to the speaker just like 50 other remodelers in the room. The speaker was me (Kyle) – and what was being discussed is how we can’t fly by the seat of our pants.

Remodelers understand the need for systems when it comes to certain areas of their business.

Remodelers know a solid pre-construction meeting where the salesperson, lead carpenter, and homeowner sit down to review the project in detail will save time and headaches throughout the process.

Remodelers understand that their need a process when it comes to getting their billing completed and sent out, etc.

What remodelers don’t always understand is that your sales process and your marketing efforts need to be systematic as well.

This is the message that Bret heard that Tuesday evening in October and unlike the other 49 remodelers in the room – he took action and reached out to me to fix the sales and marketing parts of his business.

He was thinking about not attending the meeting that evening and if he hadn’t, he may still be the remodeler that you read about above.

Instead, he attended the meeting and, more importantly, took action on what he heard. Things changed for the better in a hurry for him.

Think About This

  • Instead of a remodeling business that is stagnant and running you (vs. you running it)imagine having an expert alongside you to lead you and help implement a proven and practical sales and marketing system for your business.
  • Instead of chasing every lead that came in and not having any structure to your sales processimagine qualifying your leads and only spending time on ideal prospects.
  • Instead of being disorganized and struggling to follow-up with prospects imagine having your entire sales pipeline at your fingertips within seconds and having a toolbox of follow-up emails, postcards, and communications that you can send with a click.
  • Instead of having no marketing plan in place to help differentiate your business from the competition and always competing on price imagine if you were easily and clearly differentiating your business from everyone else from the initial phone call all the way through to the contract signing.
  • Instead of spending money to generate leads, but not being  sure what was working or not workingimagine having a clear report that shows you number of leads you generated and from where, your closing percentage by lead source, how much revenue each lead source brought in, and your cost per lead and per sale.
  • Instead of not doing anything to stay-in-touch with your previous clientsimagine having a done-for-you email newsletter ready for you each month that you can approve and send within minutes.

Some Results from Bret & Other Remodelers Like You

Just want to thank you for all of your help. We are on track for another record year – as we already have more volume under contract/design agreements this year than all of last year. No way I could have achieved or managed this increase in business without the tools/systems you helped us set up in Remodelers AutoPilot. More than happy to act as a reference for anyone who is on the fence about the system.Jacob Thompson
Home Run Solutions

Kyle – I can’t tell you how much I have taken away from your coaching. It has made my confidence level and my overall business grow tremendously. Remodelers AutoPilot keeps our sales pipeline very organized. It’s easy to use and professionally differentiates our company during the prospect stage and consistantly keeps us in front of past clients. We love it! Stu Cavner
Innovative Builders & Remodelers
In every way, Kyle brings value, creativity, and accountability. Kyle is an incredible asset to our remodeling company and I consider him a true friend and advisor.

In particular, the Remodelers AutoPilot program has kept us very organized. All of our client information is at my fingertips. We keep in touch with our previous clients very easily with the done-for-you email newsletter. I’m able to send out our appointment confirmation email with a click.

It’s like the least expensive employee we have. It’s reliable, never gets sick, and is consistent. It helps us keep a professional and organized appearance to our prospects and clients.”Bret Oleksyn
Odd Fellows Contracting

It was excellent having Kyle readily available for comments, questions, or concerns. And they are always handled with a great blend of professionalism and friendliness. Remodelers AutoPilot was smooth and easy to set up. Is easy to use and effective at communicating  to prospects/clients automatically in a personal, yet professional manner. Kyle must have a team to help get Remodelers AutoPilot all set up – there is no way that one guy could do so much, so well, with so much creativity, energy and personality.Ben Quie
Ben Quie & Sons
The one on one coaching sessions with Kyle are incredible. He’s an true motivator and knows how to get things done. All of things we’ve implemented are things that I’ve wanted to do for years – he finally made them happen for us and we are reaping the rewards.Koreen Pray
Kabinetree Koncepts
Kyle is one of the best things that has happened to our company. One of the rare people that disproves the theory “If it sounds to good to be true, it is.” He doesn’t just care about the bottom line – he cares about us and our ability to improve our success by improving our processes with a blend of common sense application and innovative marketing strategies. The best part of working with Kyle is knowing he’s been in the trenches himself. You will not regret working with Kyle.Ken & Julie Selle
Lloyds Cabinet Shop
The best part about the program is that it’s super simple. At our remodeling appointment yesterday with a potential client she complimented us and was “very impressed” by the email I sent her after the appointment was scheduled. Said she’s never had any contractor do that before. The system really helps differentiate us. Nancy & Mark Benson
Bencar Building Systems

I want to tell you about Remodelers AutoPilot

Remodelers AuotPilot Logo Blue

Remodelers AutoPilot is a simple and easy to use software program to organize your sales pipeline and automate your follow-up and stay-in-touch marketing. Within 60 days the program will be customized for your remodeling business and includes professional sales training from Kyle Hunt along the way.

Here’s what you get:

You get 1-on-1 coaching and customization with Kyle Hunt. Ever buy software and then it sits on the shelf because you don’t have the time, energy, and knowledge to customize and set it all up?

You’ll work 1-on-1 with Kyle to customize each of the following parts of the system. Within 60 days, you’ll have all of the following customized and ready to use – allowing you to be more professional, organized, efficient. It will help you differentiate your business and convert more of your leads into paying projects.

We’ll set-up emails and postcards that will automatically be sent out:

  • New remodeling prospect
  • Follow-up emails and postcards for leads you have done a proposal for, but haven’t signed yet
  • Survey to go out to Lost Jobs
  • Email (that includes your ‘New Client Kit’) and postcard to send out when a client signs with you
  • Emails/postcard that are sent when you job is Completed. This includes the following and with one click of a button everything is scheduled and will go out at the predetermined time:
    • Day 1: Professional end of job survey
    • Day 20: Request for a review on Google & Houzz
    • Day 180: ‘It’s been 6 months’ check-in email
    • Day 365: ‘Happy 1 Year Birthday to your Remodel’ postcard
    • Day 547: 18 month check-in email
  • Pardon Our Dust Postcards – postcards we can mail out to the neighborhood around one of your jobsites

You get professional sales training which gives you the tools, questions, and confidence you need so that you can differentiate your business, understand your prospects needs better, and help you close more sales.

We will cover the following in detail and cover best practices and approaches for:

  1. Your First Call/Contact With A Prospect
  2. What happens between Initial Phone Call & First In-Person Meeting
  3. How to best conduct the Initial In-Person Meeting
  4. Best practices for what to do After In-Person Meeting
  5. Evaluate your Design Retainer / Estimating Process
  6. Setting up you professional Lead Tracking & Sales Pipeline System
  7. How to best Follow-up with Prospects
  8. What to do when we sign a New Client
  9. What to do when the job is Completed
  10. How to effectively Stay-In-Touch with Previous Clients/Prospects

Just like Remodelers AutoPilot is simple and easy-to-use – I hope you’ll find these videos to be clear and simple as well.

Here’s a quick video of the software and how Remodelers AutoPilot works:

Monthly Done-For-You Email Newsletter

Marketing Dashboard Report

Done-For-You Company Facebook Posts

Easy-to-use Marketing & Sales Pipeline Software for Remodelers


Who Remodelers AutoPilot is Ideal for:

  • Remodelers (kitchens/bathrooms/additions/basements/etc.) and Custom Home Builders
  • 1 or 2 Salespeople (it’s not ideal if you have 3+ salespeople)

Investment & What’s Included

  • $300/month (15% discount if you prefer to pay annually vs. monthly.)
  • 1-on-1 Coaching and Customization is included in the price.
    • We’ll plan 1-on-1 phone calls together (via GoTomeeting) to get all of the customization of your Remodelers AutoPilot program completed.
    • We go step by step over each email and postcard that is part of the program
    • We import in all of your previous clients and current prospects
    • During these meetings and our coaching sessions, I also offer you professional Sales Training
    • We will have things up and running within 60 days
  • The cost of the software is included in the price.
  • Monthly Done-For-Your eNewsletter to send to your list is included
  • Annual Marketing Dashboard Report
  • Pardon Our Dust Campaigns – Send postcards to the neighborhood you are working in (500 free addresses per year)
  • Company Facebook Posting – 6 posts per month is included
  • Two Schedule-As-You-Need-It Phone Consultation With Kyle – Whether you need help with a marketing campaign or just a “head check” about a particular problem you are experiencing, I will give you two 30-minute private phone consultations to provide coaching and direction every 12 months.
  • The only additional cost involved is the cost for buying Postcard Credits (the more you buy, the less the cost. For example: If you buy 101 postcard credits to get started, they are $0.92 a piece… Buy more and the price goes down. Sending 1 postcard uses 1 postcard credit.)
  • To get started, we set-up an initial 1-on-1 phone meeting, start getting some Action Steps together and the customization started!

For my remodeling clients who have it implemented – it gives them:

  • Clear visibility into where their leads are coming from
  • The ability to track ROI on every single campaign they’re running so they can eliminate what isn’t working and double down on what is
  • Clearly see their overall closing percentage and closing percentage by lead source
  • Know exactly who they need to follow-up with with tools built in to easily follow-up
  • Automates the emails/postcards to help them build know, like, and trust before, during and after the sale.
Kyle will set-up a time to talk to make sure the program is right for you.

Remodelers AuotPilot Logo Blue

Remodelers AuotPilot Logo Blue No System…
Just Shooting From The Hip
Pulling out an organized Project Discovery Sheet Pulling out a blank sheet of paper
Asking professional questions during a solid 20 minute phone call to a new prospect Asking very little over a 3 minute phone call
With one click, sending out a professional appointment confirmation email with helpful resources Sending the prospect nothing via email before the in-person meeting
Your prospect receiving a postcard in the mail explaining what doing business with you is going to be like Them getting nothing in the mail from you
Having professional emails/postcards to help you follow-up with prospects Picking up the phone, calling a couple times and giving up
Within seconds being able to clearly see your entire sales pipeline by category Stumbling through random folders on your desk
Sending a professional New Client Kit to someone who just signed with you Collecting a check and them waiting to see what to do next
Easily sending ‘Pardon Our Dust’ postcards to the neighborhood you are working in to generate leads Not communicating with a neighborhood of potential clients
Adding them to a Completed Job Sequence and automatically sending out an end of job survey and other communications for the next two years Finishing the project and not staying in touch
Sending out a professional designed and written email newsletter each month while barely lifting a finger Ignoring your previous clients
Once a year, through your Marketing Dashboard Report seeing how many leads you generated, closing percentage by lead source, cost per lead, cost per sale statistics so that you know what’s working and what’s not working Relying on your gut to tell you what’s working and not working
Having monthly access to ask questions to a professional coach who works exclusively with remodelers around the country Trying to do it all on your own