Progress Payments: An Easy and Effective Change to Make!

This is pretty simple and subtle change that has flown through one of my Remodelers Circle Mastermind Groups. A couple meetings ago one member was asking the others how they do their payment draw schedule.

And there was something talked about that was a small and subtle difference that one member in the group did that the others didn’t.


  • 25% Down
  • 25% after Framing
  • 25% after Drywall
  • 15% after Trim
  • 5% after Substantial Completion
  • 5% after Final Walk Through


  • 25% Down
  • 25% at start of Framing
  • 25% at start of Drywall
  • 15% at start of Trim
  • 5% at Substantial Completion
  • 5% at Final Walk Through

Do you see the difference? Instead of AFTER it’s AT THE START.

A little tweak. Clients don’t bat an eye about it. But as members of this group have been implementing this – it’s made a huge, huge difference in cash flow, in being able to determine when to send out an invoice for a draw check.

At this last meeting – one of the members was raving about what a difference this has made for them and a few other members chimed in and agreed.

This is a simple shift that has made a big impact on cash flow – and something I wanted you all to consider as well.

How are you doing your draws? Have you considered how a tweak/change to them could help you improve your cash flow?

Survey Produces Google Reviews

One of the benefits of being apart of a Remodel Your Marketing client is access to post-job surveys that help encourage clients to leave reviews on your Google Business page. 

If customers answer that, on a scale from 1-10, they consider themselves likely to refer you to friends and family at a 9 or higher, it prompts them to copy and paste part of their review into your Google Business page. 

Because the process is so simple and requires minimal effort, there has been an increase in Google reviews because of this survey. Recently, one of my clients, Bencar Building Systems, had a client leave the following comments and rating. 

As soon as they finished the survey, their “Thank You for Completing This Survey” page provided their kind words, in a way that was easy to copy and paste, and prompted them to do just that and leave a review on Bencar’s Google Business Page. 

Because it was simple and easy to quickly grab what they had written and share it in the link provided to the Google Reviews, they immediately did so. 

This is one example of how consistent follow-up with clients after a job is complete can help create new referral business for yourself.

The client has committed themselves as likely to refer you to friends and family and publically shared something positive about the work you did for them. Not only that, but not those searching for remodelers in their area will see the positive reviews and photos left by those Bencar has previously worked with, making them more likely to choose Bencar over Joe Shmoe with few or no Google reviews. 

Sending post-job surveys is a simple, automated process that not only helps you and your team improve but also helps generate reviews for your Google Business page and other social media profiles. 

I hope this tip helps reaffirm your commitment to securing valuable Google reviews!

If you’re not currently sending out a survey and getting feedback at the end of your projects, reach out and ask us for more details on how we can help you with this.

Don’t Pull Out a Blank Sheet of Paper – Do This Instead

So, when you are talking to a new prospect do you pull out a blank sheet of paper or a Project Discovery Sheet?” 

This is a question I’ve asked dozens and dozens of times over the years as I work with remodelers on their sales process. 

Often, it’s a blank sheet. Is that what the doctor does? They pull out a blank sheet of paper? Nope. 

Let’s start the process well – have the questions in front of you so that you can make sure you ask everything that you want to: I call it a Project Discovery Sheet – grab a copy of the PDF here and implement this! I hope you find this valuable.

On another note – staying in touch with your previous clients is really smart marketing. 

Remodelers AutoPilot is a program that can help you do this consistently and effectively. Give it a look!

What Gets Measured, Gets Improved.

What gets measured, gets improved. 

One of my clients measured trips to the supply house in the month. 

The first month? They made 83 trips.

My client wanted to change this so he told his employees he had a crisp $100 bill for each member on the team if they could cut their trips to the supply house in half. 

Guess what happened? They did it. 

What gets measured gets improved. 

Hitting your employees a little in the back pocket (in a good way) can really help

One of the employees asked, “Will you do this again next month?” 

No! You just proved you can do it, now let’s do it consistently. 

How are you motivating your team? What can you do to get their competitive juices flowing? Comment and let me know.