My wife is right

I posted this fill in the blank question on my Facebook page yesterday:

‘Something I didn’t do very well in 2017 – that I’m going to kick-butt at in 2018 is ________.’

I had a lot of people chime in, but my wife Sarah commented on the post with, ‘I would prefer to talk about the things we did well in 2017.

When I got home, she expanded on that and said:

“I’m just tired of focusing on all the things I’m not doing well and need to get better at vs. spending time on the positive side of things and the things that have been improved and are better.”

Being married to a business coach who’s focused on constant improvement for my clients (and myself) can probably be a little taxing to live with at times :)

Sarah brings up a great point – as you wrap up 2017 this month – spend some time to focus on how far you’ve come in the last 11+ months.

Let that soak in. Let that motivate you.

Let that encourage you.

Let that push you to even better things in 2018.

So, I’ll rephrase my question from yesterday:

What’s something you improved and kicked butt at this year?

8 out of 10

Your previous clients know, like, and trust you.

Chances are, the majority of the dollars you put in your business bank account this year are coming from your previous clients – either repeat work or referrals for Your previous clients know, like, and trust you.

Chances are, the majority of the dollars you put in your business bank account this year are coming from your previous clients – either repeat work or referrals from them.

Your previous clients are your most valuable marketing asset.

8 out of 10 remodelers I speak with don’t have an organized previous client list (contact details are hiding in Quick Books, maybe in an out-of-date spreadsheet, in manila folders, etc.)

8 out of 10 remodelers I speak with haven’t sent squat to their previous clients in the last 12 months (they assume they will just reach out or refer them without needing to stay top of mind)

The 2 out of 10 remodelers who do have an organized client list and actively stay in touch (with a phone call, consistent emails, occasional mailing to them) will generate more repeat work and referrals.

I was just typing out a few more lines with some additional thoughts – but I deleted them!

Because what I already wrote is all that needs to be said. It sums it up nicely. A recap:

  • Majority of your revenue is from previous clients
  • They’re your most valuable marketing asset
  • You probably don’t have your previous client list organized
  • You probably aren’t staying in touch with them
  • You’re missing out on more repeat and referral work because of it

Action Step:

  • Organize your previous client list! Start by exporting it out of QuickBooks or wherever you have it. Open up a spreadsheet – get it organized!
    • First/Last Name, Street, City/St/Zip, Email, Phone, Date of Last Project, etc. Keep it simple
  • Decide on a date when you’re going to reach out to them
  • Execute! Draft the letter or postcard. Write the email. Make it happen

You could also look into Remodelers AutoPilot (here’s a little video that shows you how it works.)

When you and I do the 1-on-1 meetings to set-up Remodelers AutoPilot, we get your previous client list organized and uploaded. We create a clear plan for staying in touch with them. You have a done-for-you email that gets created each month to send out to your list.

One of the big benefits of Remodelers AutoPilot is really utilizing and effectively marketing to your most valuable marketing asset – your previous clients.m them.


The unique health insurance option we use

It’s health insurance renewal time for a lot of folks. I’ve had a few people reach out about the health insurance option my family and I use (I’ve talked about it before.)

It’s called Samaritan Ministries.

It’s been a wonderful option for us – both financially and spiritually. We love it. Would be happy to explain things in more detail to you (I’ve had a lot of clients and friends sign up for it over the years) and here are a few links for you to review as well.

Here are some of my thoughts on an audio recording about Samaritan Ministries.

Main Samaritan Ministries website

Here’s a good site that compares the different Christian Health Sharing options, etc.


One of the big things I’ve been thinking about lately is: How can I save time in my business. There’s lots to do (sound familiar?)

Certainly, there are things we can delegate, but automation is another way we can save time.

A big benefit of Remodelers AutoPilot is how much time it saves you in tracking your leads, managing your sales pipeline, sending out professional communications to your prospects and previous clients.

If you need to save time in your business, Remodelers AutoPilot is something to look into and perhaps invest some of your marketing budget towards. Reach out if you’d like to chat about it.


I just wrote a pretty passionate, direct, loud message on the Remodelers Community private (free!) Facebook Group. Feel free to request to join the group if you’d like to be part of a community of remodelers sharing best practices and ideas.

He hasn’t been walking around with his lip out

I was watching the World Series Saturday night.

The announcers were talking about the Dodgers first baseman (Bellinger) who was 0 for 11 with 7 strikeouts in the first three games of the series.

Then he started out game 4 by going 0 for 2 with another strikeout.

Then… Finally! He hit a double off the wall in left field his third time up.

Bellinger stood on second base, wildly waving his arms, looking into the heavens, and screaming, “It’s a miracle!”

What did he do the next time up in the 9th inning?

The weight and nerves had been lifted – he was relaxed – got his confidence back and smacked another double.

Two big back-to-back hits that led his team to victory that night after going 0 for 13 with 8 strikeouts.

Confidence is something we don’t talk about too much in sales and business, but, just like in sports, it’s such a huge factor in our success.

Here’s what Bellinger’s teammate said about him after the game:

“He’s been grinding, but he’s been working at the same time,’” Forsythe said. “He hasn’t been walking around with his lip out. He’s been figuring out what he needs to do to get back.”

Have a salesperson on your team who’s struggling? Have a worker out in the field who has been botching things and making lots of mistakes?

Feel that way yourself?

Keep grinding! Keep working!

Keep trying to figure out how to get back in the groove. Don’t mope.

Encourage yourself. Encourage your team.

Pretty soon, you’ll break through and your confidence will return.

Business is hard. It has its ups and downs. It’s messy and clunky and frustrating sometimes.

Keep working hard and stay focused on the things you can control and success is sure to follow.

Dedicated to your success,