What our Remodelers AutoPilot clients are sending this month

We thought you’d like to see what our Remodelers AutoPilot clients are sending this month. Hopefully, this sparks some ideas on how you can reach out to your previous clients and/or helps you see the value of Remodelers AutoPilot (which you can try for $1)

We decided with everything going on this month, to give a few options to choose from:

1. Our standard email newsletter design and format.

2. Still Able to Complete Work Email – Simplified Format 

3. Focus on Smaller Projects and Handyman Work – Still Able to Complete Work – Simplified Format 

We had many folks try the shorter one, a long-time Remodelers AutoPilot client, Nancy Benson with Bencar Building Systems said:


12 responses so far today.  A couple looking for work to be done; some followed up on proposals sent.


Hope this is helpful to see! If you’d like to give Remodelers AutoPilot a try for $1 – sign-up here. 

P.S. You also get done-for-you social media posts each month (examples from this past month here)

It’s Just Plain Fun

On one of my Remodelers Circle mastermind calls a few weeks ago, we were discussing steps in our process that we could share on social media when Dennis Geham shared something fun they do on some of their kitchen remodel projects: 

“We do this thing, before we put the countertop on, where we hide a little time capsule in an opening behind the cabinets. We get the homeowners and the team involved. We share things specific to who they are, what’s happening in the world at the time, pictures of the team that worked on the project, photos of the homeowners (if they want to add that!), etc. It’s a fun thing and our homeowners enjoy it – great for social media posts too.”

A few reasons why I loved this idea:

  1. It’s just fun!
  2. It’s a great piece of content to share on social media!
  3. It’s a nice surprise for whoever opens it up 30 years from now!

Do you have a similar “just plain fun” idea you implement in your projects? Share below!

Now is the time

One thing that everything going on right now has highlighted for me and a lot of my clients is the importance of our client lists. Your clients are the ones who already know, like, and trust you. They are the ones who, between repeat and referral work, represent a large percentage of your top-line revenue.

Now is the time to be in consistent communication with them. Remodelers AutoPilot clients have been choosing between multiple email newsletter options in the past month. Click here to see the examples: https://clientsatisfaction.wufoo.com/forms/sa3hsyx1ixbg34/ A couple of things for you to take action on:

  1. If you don’t have your client list organized, let’s put some focused effort behind that.
  2. If you have your client list organized and it’s been a long time since you reached out to them – fix that this week.
  3. If you want an easy and affordable to get your list organized and consistently reach out to your list, month in, month out, along with other benefits (done for your social media, group coaching call with me each month) try Remodelers AutoPilot out for $: http://www.remodelersautopilot.com/remodelers-autopilot/

PS – Don’t delay, sign-up today! (That sounds kind of corny but it made me laugh because it rhymes! And it’s true. Don’t put it off if you’re interested)

Implement What You Hear

Let me tell you about this screenshot. It’s from back in November. Joe dialed into a webinar from a couple of weeks ago. I’ve done some coaching with Joe and their company remodeled our basement.

One of Joe’s takeaways from the 10 Marketing Tips Webinar (which you can find here: http://remodelersontherise.com/kyles-marketing-top-10-list-for-2020) was to call previous clients.

I’m a previous client of Joe’s.

There was nothing that made me happier than 7:29 A.M. the following morning, Joe called me. Now I was in the shower so I missed his call, but Joe took action on an idea he heard.

Let this be a reminder: when you hear a good idea here or you think of a good idea, the idea is worthless unless you implement it. So implement.