Self-Imposed Deadlines Strike Again!

We all work better off of deadlines.

I was talking to a client who said:

“You know what I did? I had a design and proposal I needed to finalize that wasn’t close to being done.

I called the client and made an in-person appointment with them for later in the week to present the design and proposal.

Guess what? It got done in time!

If I hadn’t called and scheduled the meeting, it would still be on my to-do list.

Instead, it is completed and we are closer to signing the final contract.”

You can reduce your cycle time (the time you meet with them until you sign the contract) by giving yourself SELF-IMPOSED DEADLINES.

Go pick up the phone, send that email, make that appointment and give yourself a deadline!

Want Different Results?

I was doing a video call with a client recently

And by the end of the call…THINGS WERE HAPPENING!

He’s been a client of mine for years

Early in the conversation, I saw that he had the news playing on his computer in the background

I said: “What’s the news of the day??”

He said: “Oh, just so and so yelling at so and so. And vice versa.”

Then he said something important…

He said: “You know, I was thinking the other day……

I have the news rolling in the background as I work every day.

I like to know what’s going on…

But I think it might be dragging down my mood.

It’s always so negative and I think, even if it’s subconscious…

It brings me down.”

I think I replied with something like: “YA THINK???”

Or something eloquent like that.

That led us into more conversation, with the upshot being this truth:What you fill your head, ears, and your heart will DEFINITELY impact your day.

What if instead of scrolling, scrolling, scrolling through Facebook in the evening

We read a book.

What if that 20 minutes of news watching was spent watching something motivational or encouraging.

What you see in the photos:

1. The other photo is right after he turned off the news – “No more!” is what he was saying with those hand motions.

2. “Hey Kyle, take a screenshot of this – it’s a monumental moment!”He deleted Facebook off his phone to limit the distraction of it.

Albert once said…“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Try something new today that will fill you up and encourage/help you vs. bring you down.

And be reminded that what you fill your day with and what you listen to/consume has a major impact.

P.S. This topic/thought also reminds me of this Scripture: Matthew 6:19-34

Let’s say you have a sales goal this year of $900,000

This is something I have my clients do.

Certainly not the only way to do it, but it works well for us.

Let’s say you have a sales goal this year of $900,000.

That’s $75,000/month in remodeling sales.

So that’s the monthly goal you’re aiming for.

Bust out a spreadsheet like the one you see in the photo.

Look at the jobs you have SIGNED. (Not ones that you THINK you’ll sign, but only ones that are under contract.)

List those projects out in Column A and put their Total Sale amount in Column B. Now think.

This requires you to look at your production schedule.

This requires you to ballpark how much of each project you would expect to produce each month.

As an example – the ‘Hunt’ project in the spreadsheet will start in November and we’ll produce (and collect) half of it in November.We’ll finish (and collect the rest of the money) in December.

Plug those numbers in.

As you go through all of your signed projects, review your schedule and plug in the data, you’ll get a total at the bottom for each month. NOW – you compare that total to your monthly sales goal. (In this example it’s $75,000/month)

The spreadsheet is showing us we’re solid in November, ahead (more money than we budgeted!) in December, and we’ve got work to sell to fill up January.

A few things:

  1. I’ve found that 3 months (this month, next month, and the following month) is a good way to do this (not 4 or 6 months – just stick to 3)
  2. While reviewing your P&L (looking in the rearview mirror) is very important to see what has happened in the recent past – looking AHEAD (at what’s coming up) is just as important.
  3. By creating this and keeping it up to date, you are thinking through what you signed, your schedule, it gives you a kick in the butt to push sales through to signing, gives you clarity/peace of mind (or a bit of stress/reality check) when you review the numbers.

It’s a simple exercise and it’s been very helpful for a lot of my coaching clients (remodelers like yourself.)

Email at back with any questions.

Here’s the spreadsheet.

“This is how we work”

I was working on an ‘Our Process’ document with one of my clients this morning.

“This is how we work”

When you’re able to clearly lay out how your remodeling process works, it:

1. Differentiates you

2. Helps you build know, like, and trust

3. Shows the prospect that it’s not your first rodeo and that you’re organized

Keep it simple – start with something like this:

1. Dreaming & Planning

At our first meeting in your home, we will:• Listen to what you like and don’t like about your current home – your goals, needs, and desires for the new project• Discuss how our process helps to make your project a simple and enjoyable experience• Review the desired budget and what you’re looking to invest in the project• Based on our years of experience and your project, we will be able to give you a ‘Ballpark Range’ of what your project may cost… etc

Then move to the next parts of the process and bullet them out:

2. Design & Project Development

3. Finalize Your Plans

4. Final Proposal Presentation / Contract Signing

5. Pre-Construction Etc…

This can be a powerful sales and marketing tool and something you should consider putting together.

I talk about this a bit more in this podcast (By the way – you should subscribe and leave a review of my podcast!)

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