Implement What You Hear

Let me tell you about this screenshot. It’s from back in November. Joe dialed into a webinar from a couple of weeks ago. I’ve done some coaching with Joe and their company remodeled our basement.

One of Joe’s takeaways from the 10 Marketing Tips Webinar (which you can find here: was to call previous clients.

I’m a previous client of Joe’s.

There was nothing that made me happier than 7:29 A.M. the following morning, Joe called me. Now I was in the shower so I missed his call, but Joe took action on an idea he heard.

Let this be a reminder: when you hear a good idea here or you think of a good idea, the idea is worthless unless you implement it. So implement.

Friday 5

Here’s your Friday 5 (I just made that up)

  1. I think selling in the upcoming months is going to be harder than what we’ve seen over the last few years. Learn about the sales training course I’m starting on April 29th called Remodel Your Sales Process . 4 of the 20 slots were grabbed yesterday – let me know if you’re interested!
  2. More remodelers have been thinking about doing some small projects or handyman work during this time period. I interviewed Mike Medford, who started a handyman division a couple years back on the podcast. Good insight and things for you to consider on this timely topic.
  3. Mindset. I think it’s really important right now to keep a positive mindset. Make sure your getting exercise, call some previous clients to check-in, listen to motivating content, read a book to be inspired, focus in on an area of the business that needs improving and kick its butt, reach out to friends/family and connect. Fight hard to keep your mental game sharp! (Reach out if you’re stuck in a rut on this and I’ll try to help with a motivating reply.)
  4. My friend and colleague, Diane Gilson, has a new set of videos about job costing that she’s releasing. She’s done a wonderful job with them – if your job costing is needs work – watch her first video here and get to work! 
  5. Send out a hand-written thank you card today. Send some text messages or make some calls to your team and let them know you appreciate them. In the tension of everything that’s happening out there – make sure you are working hard to be kind, appreciative, patient, and supportive. Lead well.

P.S. Literally, as I wrote point 5 out, I thought of our friend Becky, from our church who works at a local hospital. Writing that advice out to you, made me think:

“Kyle, you should text Becky and you guys should order something and have it mailed to her house so that when she gets home after another long/hard day she has something to open that will brighten her day and let her know people care about her and the hard work she’s doing.”

I’m going to work to do that today – who comes to mind for you to do something similar?

Remodel Your Sales Process – I think selling in the upcoming months…

I think selling in the upcoming months and the remainder of the year is going to be harder than what we’ve seen over the last year or two.

We might not see as many leads and will need to do everything we can to convert our leads to paying projects.

I anticipate we’re going to hear more objections then before (can I buy materials myself, can you breakdown your price into more details, etc.)

You will need to focus on having all of the fundamentals of a strong sales process in place (an excellent initial phone call, professional communications throughout the process, improving how we conduct our initial in-person meeting, a strong process for charging for your project design and development, an organized sales pipeline, excellent follow-up tools, etc.)

I think taking a sales training course to help you improve and strengthen your sales process is a great investment (if you’re able to invest a bit of hard-earned money right now.)

And that’s what I’m offering – a sales training course called Remodel Your Sales Process. Kicks off on April 29th.

See details here or click the video below!

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

It’s time

You have client’s names and emails in your Quickbooks. 

You have them in your email inbox. 

You have them in folders or scattered in different places. 

Your previous client list is your most valuable marketing asset (especially now!) 

One of the things that we do as part of the onboarding process for Remodelers AutoPilot is help and assist you in getting your client/prospect list organized.

We will tweak, edit and get rid of duplicates for you. We will show you how to export lists and help you merge them together. All in an effort to get your previous client list organized and ready to send a consistent monthly email out to (which is done-for-you through Remodelers AutoPilot.)

If your lists are all over the place and disorganized – let’s get them organized! And then work on getting your first email out to them – it’s really important to stay-in-touch with your clients right now. 

If you want to have a professional email done-for-you each month to help you drive repeat and referral work – try Remodelers AutoPilot for $1 here.