14 Things About This Fun Photo

14 things about this photo that is helpful for you to be thinking about:

1. That’s Andy with the beard. I know Andy because a mutual colleague of ours went out of his way to introduce us. We have become good friends and see each other in-person (here in Michigan) regularly. Be a connector – I appreciate that colleague more because he took the time to introduce someone to me that has positively impacted my life (and business.) Who do you know that you can connect today?

2. That’s Bailey at the bottom of the image. My Marketing Director – I finally stepped up to the plate and HIRED someone this year. Yes, I’ve had help here and there over my 12 years in business, but never an employee. It’s been an investment of time and money, but one that’s paying off in a big way. Do you need to make a similar investment with a position in your business?

3. We’re meeting via Zoom. Have you ever considered meeting with a client in this way? What if you could show your design changes or proposal changes via Zoom – saving them (and you) drive time, making the process more convenient, and reducing the ‘cycle time’ (the time it takes for you to take a prospect from the start of the process to contract signing?)

4. I would not have Remodelers AutoPilot (http://www.RemodelersAutoPilot.com) implemented and successful without Andy. Hiring an expert who can bring unique skills and hold you accountable is incredibly valuable.

5. We’re working ON the business in this meeting. Just a reminder – make sure you’re carving out to time to work ON not just IN the business.

6. What we were meeting about is our plan for the next three weeks to promote the course that’s launching on January 9, 2020. Are you signed up for it yet? Details here: http://www.RemodelYourMarketingPlan.com

7. Document the process! We overthink content – I said, “Hey guys, smile!” and I took a screenshot. Take photos/quick ‘behind the scenes’ videos of your projects and share what’s going on in that photo. Document the process! It makes for great content – more ideas on this podcast episode: http://remodelersontherise.com/imagine-this

8. What gets measured, gets improved. I’m holding up a little sheet that has 1-20 listed with 1-10 crossed off (because 10 of the 20 slots for the Remodel Your Marketing Plan course are filled.) Having that visual goal and sheet in front of me keeps me focused and gives me a goal to aim for. What is something that you need to be measuring in your business?

9. I decided to work from home yesterday vs. go into the office. The change of scene led to a very productive day. Don’t be afraid of changing where you work to mix things up.

10. Are you a lone wolf? Reach out to people – find your community – get some outside help/perspective. It’s important and it helps in a big way.

11. If you’re reading this far – keep in mind – numbering things out in content you create is effective. It makes the reader want to keep reading and breaks the content up 🙂

12. We don’t know what 2020 is going to bring. It’s an election year. Is the economy going to cool off? What’s going to happen? None of us know, but I do know that getting your marketing plan organized and implemented is important no matter what the year brings. Be sure to consider the course I’m offering 🙂 http://www.RemodelYourMarketingPlan.com

13. Bailey is my employee – it is my job to make Remodel Your Marketing an enjoyable place for her to work, to train her well, to make sure she’s clear with what she’s responsible for, to challenge her and help her grow in her skills. Likewise, that’s your job with your team. Invest time and energy towards that!

14. Lastly, THANK YOU for consuming my content. If you learn something from what I share/teach – the best way you can thank me is to DO SOMETHING WITH IT and IMPLEMENT.

Comment below with the number (1-14) that jumped out at you the most


I had this conversation on a call today

Kyle: “Alright – next thing I wanted to talk about is 

A discussion of your 2020 Business Strategy:

I want us to get clear with your 2020 business goals

Along with other questions – let’s discuss:

Do you want to grow/stay-the-same?

More employees or not? Any changes to your staff?

Let’s discuss your Marketing and your Sales Process…

So put it out there – what comes to your mind as you envision your remodeling business in 2020.”

There was a nice “pregnant pause” (<— I don’t think I’ve ever typed out that phrase before)

And what ensued was a great brainstorm on conversation with the remodeler on what they want to accomplish this upcoming year.

I could see the energy/excitement grow as we discussed things back and forth.

And from the notes that I took

We have a high-level outline of what he wants to accomplish

That we can now break down into quarterly goals

Along with a set of S.M.A.R.T. goals to execute.

It’s time for YOU to start thinking about these questions

Start writing some thoughts/ideas out sometime this week

And cast a vision for your upcoming year.

COMMENT BELOW: What’s one thing that’s high on your list to implement/improve in your remodeling business in 2020?

Self-Imposed Deadlines Strike Again!

We all work better off of deadlines.

I was talking to a client who said:

“You know what I did? I had a design and proposal I needed to finalize that wasn’t close to being done.

I called the client and made an in-person appointment with them for later in the week to present the design and proposal.

Guess what? It got done in time!

If I hadn’t called and scheduled the meeting, it would still be on my to-do list.

Instead, it is completed and we are closer to signing the final contract.”

You can reduce your cycle time (the time you meet with them until you sign the contract) by giving yourself SELF-IMPOSED DEADLINES.

Go pick up the phone, send that email, make that appointment and give yourself a deadline!

Want Different Results?

I was doing a video call with a client recently

And by the end of the call…THINGS WERE HAPPENING!

He’s been a client of mine for years

Early in the conversation, I saw that he had the news playing on his computer in the background

I said: “What’s the news of the day??”

He said: “Oh, just so and so yelling at so and so. And vice versa.”

Then he said something important…

He said: “You know, I was thinking the other day……

I have the news rolling in the background as I work every day.

I like to know what’s going on…

But I think it might be dragging down my mood.

It’s always so negative and I think, even if it’s subconscious…

It brings me down.”

I think I replied with something like: “YA THINK???”

Or something eloquent like that.

That led us into more conversation, with the upshot being this truth:What you fill your head, ears, and your heart will DEFINITELY impact your day.

What if instead of scrolling, scrolling, scrolling through Facebook in the evening

We read a book.

What if that 20 minutes of news watching was spent watching something motivational or encouraging.

What you see in the photos:

1. The other photo is right after he turned off the news – “No more!” is what he was saying with those hand motions.

2. “Hey Kyle, take a screenshot of this – it’s a monumental moment!”He deleted Facebook off his phone to limit the distraction of it.

Albert once said…“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Try something new today that will fill you up and encourage/help you vs. bring you down.

And be reminded that what you fill your day with and what you listen to/consume has a major impact.

P.S. This topic/thought also reminds me of this Scripture: Matthew 6:19-34