10 Reminders for Remodelers

This week, I shared 10 pieces of encouragement/advice in Remodelers Community! I hope they are encouraging to you and that there’s one thing you can learn from and implement today!

  1. You have to say NO to some things/projects/people. You can’t be all things to all people. Focus.
  2. Do you realize the skill and talent it takes to be a great remodeler (like you are)? Don’t undervalue yourself.
  3. Please go into your late August calendar and mark off a 1/2 day and title it (ME TIME.) And do something fun that afternoon.
  4. I know it doesn’t always feel like it, but YOU are DOING GREAT. You’re serving your clients/team well. KEEP PUSHING FORWARD!
  5. Your Family/Loved Ones > Your Business. Don’t get that switched around.
  6. Your clients need to hear from you. Easy and effective option: RemodelersAutoPilot.com
  7. Stop comparing yourself to others. 
  8. Job # 1 – Take great care of your team. Job # 1A – Give your clients a wonderful remodeling experience.
  9. I’m so proud/happy of this Remodelers Community. Thank you for making it a legit community where people truly help each other.  
  10. You can’t get everything done. Just focus on one thing at a time. Make progress this afternoon and enjoy the work in front of you.

If #6 was a timely reminder that you need to be reaching out to your previous clients, try Remodelers AutoPilot for $1 to Stay-in-Touch with Previous Clients to Increase Word-of-Mouth Referrals, Repeat Business, and Differentiate Your Remodeling Business. Email me at kyle@remodelyourmarketing.com or text me at (517) 902-8450 if you have any questions!

10 things I learned while fixing a fishing pole at a sheep farm in Elk Creek, Virginia this morning

My family and I are at a house on a sheep farm in Elk Creek, Virginia this week. A little time away from home.

We’ve been here for a couple of days now and this morning my wife (Sarah) and one of our kids (Calvin) went to the pond around the bend, past the creek, and down the meadow (sorry for the extra description, I feel like I have to write a little poetically because we’re on a beautiful farm with hills and meadows.)

Here’s what I learned while fixing a fishing pole:

1. I’m talking about the fishing poles where you can see the string (a ‘spinning reel’ I think they call it.) They’ve become more popular over the last decade and they’ve been nothing but frustrating to me. I don’t know how they work, can’t seem to fix them, and they elevate my blood pressure. This morning one of the poles got all twisted up and I became frustrated.

2. I huffed and puffed and just when I was close to tossing it down and just moving on with the one remaining working pole, I took a breath, slowed down, and DECIDED I was going to figure out how to fix it. Sometimes you have to take a breath and, more importantly, DECIDE that you’re going to work to fix the problem. We can control our attitudes way more than we realize.

3. I had my wife and one of my son’s watching me. That was a bit of a driver for me to step up and figure it out. Not wanting to disappoint those close to you can be a big driver!

4. I wished Phillip (the owner of the 450-acre sheep farm) or one of his farmhands would have driven by while I was struggling with it because I would have asked them for some help. Think about that in your life or in your business – are you to the point that you’re ready to look outside yourself and get help? A quick 5-minute lesson from Phillip would have made the whole thing easier. He didn’t drive by, so I just keep messing with it. By all means, keep messing with things – keep working to improve your situation, but don’t be shy about getting some outside help and coaching. It can lower the pain, frustration, and speed up the improvement and fixing of the problem.

5. Instead of trying to untangle the string, I cut the string, cleared the tangled knots, and started with a fresh string. Keep that in mind as you work to improve things in life/business – sometimes it’s good to start fresh instead of trying to fix something clunky and broken.

6. Before I started trying to dive in and FIX – I stepped back, looked, and examined. Sometimes it’s better to look and study before just diving in. Maybe something like the phrase ‘measure twice, cut once?’

7. I realized my first attempt was wrong and before I got too far, I went back and fixed it. This only happened because I walked over to Sarah and Calvin and looked closely at the working pole. That’s when I realized the string needed to go UNDER and out vs. over and out. Seeing that other example and gaining that bit of knowledge went a long way. Sometimes a little bit of knowledge and/or seeing how it works from someone else can be a huge key to moving you forward.

8. I have knowledge now that I didn’t have before. I have more confidence. I know how to fix it if things go wrong again. That’s powerful. In business, we can go years and years and years without stopping to learn and gain knowledge. Push through frustration and work to gain new insight – it will help you for the rest of your career/life.

9. I’d say the biggest thing that stands out in this little story to me is the part where I stopped whining and made the decision I was going to figure it out. We can change our attitude and turn things around – don’t forget that!

10. What is an area of your business you keep ignoring and/or that isn’t clear to you? Understanding financials? Reading your P&L? How to sell design and project development? How to manage your team in a better way? How to improve your marketing to generate better leads? Pick something, stop whining that it’s too hard (like me with the fishing pole!), and get to work on gaining new knowledge/training.

Anything stand out for you in this story? Please let me know! 

Implement What You Hear

Let me tell you about this screenshot. It’s from back in November. Joe dialed into a webinar from a couple of weeks ago. I’ve done some coaching with Joe and their company remodeled our basement.

One of Joe’s takeaways from the 10 Marketing Tips Webinar (which you can find here: http://remodelersontherise.com/kyles-marketing-top-10-list-for-2020) was to call previous clients.

I’m a previous client of Joe’s.

There was nothing that made me happier than 7:29 A.M. the following morning, Joe called me. Now I was in the shower so I missed his call, but Joe took action on an idea he heard.

Let this be a reminder: when you hear a good idea here or you think of a good idea, the idea is worthless unless you implement it. So implement.

14 Things About This Fun Photo

14 things about this photo that is helpful for you to be thinking about:

1. That’s Andy with the beard. I know Andy because a mutual colleague of ours went out of his way to introduce us. We have become good friends and see each other in-person (here in Michigan) regularly. Be a connector – I appreciate that colleague more because he took the time to introduce someone to me that has positively impacted my life (and business.) Who do you know that you can connect today?

2. That’s Bailey at the bottom of the image. My Marketing Director – I finally stepped up to the plate and HIRED someone this year. Yes, I’ve had help here and there over my 12 years in business, but never an employee. It’s been an investment of time and money, but one that’s paying off in a big way. Do you need to make a similar investment with a position in your business?

3. We’re meeting via Zoom. Have you ever considered meeting with a client in this way? What if you could show your design changes or proposal changes via Zoom – saving them (and you) drive time, making the process more convenient, and reducing the ‘cycle time’ (the time it takes for you to take a prospect from the start of the process to contract signing?)

4. I would not have Remodelers AutoPilot (http://www.RemodelersAutoPilot.com) implemented and successful without Andy. Hiring an expert who can bring unique skills and hold you accountable is incredibly valuable.

5. We’re working ON the business in this meeting. Just a reminder – make sure you’re carving out to time to work ON not just IN the business.

6. What we were meeting about is our plan for the next three weeks to promote the course that’s launching on January 9, 2020. Are you signed up for it yet? Details here: http://www.RemodelYourMarketingPlan.com

7. Document the process! We overthink content – I said, “Hey guys, smile!” and I took a screenshot. Take photos/quick ‘behind the scenes’ videos of your projects and share what’s going on in that photo. Document the process! It makes for great content – more ideas on this podcast episode: http://remodelersontherise.com/imagine-this

8. What gets measured, gets improved. I’m holding up a little sheet that has 1-20 listed with 1-10 crossed off (because 10 of the 20 slots for the Remodel Your Marketing Plan course are filled.) Having that visual goal and sheet in front of me keeps me focused and gives me a goal to aim for. What is something that you need to be measuring in your business?

9. I decided to work from home yesterday vs. go into the office. The change of scene led to a very productive day. Don’t be afraid of changing where you work to mix things up.

10. Are you a lone wolf? Reach out to people – find your community – get some outside help/perspective. It’s important and it helps in a big way.

11. If you’re reading this far – keep in mind – numbering things out in content you create is effective. It makes the reader want to keep reading and breaks the content up 🙂

12. We don’t know what 2020 is going to bring. It’s an election year. Is the economy going to cool off? What’s going to happen? None of us know, but I do know that getting your marketing plan organized and implemented is important no matter what the year brings. Be sure to consider the course I’m offering 🙂 http://www.RemodelYourMarketingPlan.com

13. Bailey is my employee – it is my job to make Remodel Your Marketing an enjoyable place for her to work, to train her well, to make sure she’s clear with what she’s responsible for, to challenge her and help her grow in her skills. Likewise, that’s your job with your team. Invest time and energy towards that!

14. Lastly, THANK YOU for consuming my content. If you learn something from what I share/teach – the best way you can thank me is to DO SOMETHING WITH IT and IMPLEMENT.

Comment below with the number (1-14) that jumped out at you the most