Want Different Results?

I was doing a video call with a client recently

And by the end of the call…THINGS WERE HAPPENING!

He’s been a client of mine for years

Early in the conversation, I saw that he had the news playing on his computer in the background

I said: “What’s the news of the day??”

He said: “Oh, just so and so yelling at so and so. And vice versa.”

Then he said something important…

He said: “You know, I was thinking the other day……

I have the news rolling in the background as I work every day.

I like to know what’s going on…

But I think it might be dragging down my mood.

It’s always so negative and I think, even if it’s subconscious…

It brings me down.”

I think I replied with something like: “YA THINK???”

Or something eloquent like that.

That led us into more conversation, with the upshot being this truth:What you fill your head, ears, and your heart will DEFINITELY impact your day.

What if instead of scrolling, scrolling, scrolling through Facebook in the evening

We read a book.

What if that 20 minutes of news watching was spent watching something motivational or encouraging.

What you see in the photos:

1. The other photo is right after he turned off the news – “No more!” is what he was saying with those hand motions.

2. “Hey Kyle, take a screenshot of this – it’s a monumental moment!”He deleted Facebook off his phone to limit the distraction of it.

Albert once said…“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Try something new today that will fill you up and encourage/help you vs. bring you down.

And be reminded that what you fill your day with and what you listen to/consume has a major impact.

P.S. This topic/thought also reminds me of this Scripture: Matthew 6:19-34

What Gets Measured, Gets Improved.

What gets measured, gets improved. 

One of my clients measured trips to the supply house in the month. 

The first month? They made 83 trips.

My client wanted to change this so he told his employees he had a crisp $100 bill for each member on the team if they could cut their trips to the supply house in half. 

Guess what happened? They did it. 

What gets measured gets improved. 

Hitting your employees a little in the back pocket (in a good way) can really help

One of the employees asked, “Will you do this again next month?” 

No! You just proved you can do it, now let’s do it consistently. 

How are you motivating your team? What can you do to get their competitive juices flowing? Comment and let me know. 

An idea that blends business, marriage, kids, hobbies, faith, friends all together

What does 'IT' look like for you?

In the video below – I go pretty deep.

What’s interesting is that some of the thoughts I share in this video are years in the making, but are just now coming together and becoming clear.

In this video:

  • I share an interesting conversation I had with a client this week.
  • Plead with you to think about your ‘it’. It = Ideal Business/Life
  • At 4:30 into the video I share how this isn’t just a business thing. It’s an idea that blends your marriage, kids, hobbies, faith, friends, etc. all together.
  • At 8:00 I share the story of a colleague who passed away last year and the questions he left us to help us answer what our ‘it’ is.
  • I may also show you my new stand-up/sit-down desk to lighten the topic up a little bit…

One of the links mentioned in the video: Seddon Days

I’m always interested in your feedback, but I’m especially interested in your feedback on this video. Please email me or comment below with your thoughts.

What I’m Doing Today

During a 'Seddon Day' you step back from your business and reflect on these 5 Key Questions



I’m part of a mastermind group of marketers. It’s led by a business coach I hired several years ago. A gentleman over in Israel named Dov Gordon.

One of the members in the group is a bloke (he’s from England, so I can call him a bloke…) named Mike Seddon.

Mike announced to the group a few months ago that he has been diagnosed with inoperable and incurable cancer.

The man is an inspiration. We’re friends on Facebook and he’s stayed active in our mastermind group. He has such a wonderful and upbeat attitude and is at peace with the whole situation.

A couple weeks ago Dov helped Mike do ‘The Last Webinar.’

This was Mike’s gift to everyone and something he wanted to leave as a legacy – it outlined what a ‘Seddon Day‘ is.

And today, what I’m doing is taking a ‘Seddon Day.’

During a ‘Seddon Day’ you step back from your business and reflect on these 5 Key Questions from Mike.

The point is to make sure that you are building a business for the life you really want to live:

  1. What is My Why?
  2. What Does Success Look Like?
  3. Am I enjoying the Journey?
  4. Am I hanging out with the Right People?
  5. What would Happen to my Loved Ones?
You can learn more or listen to Mike’s ‘The Last Webinar’ at SeddonDays.com (once he got through some tears at the start of the webinar, he held himself together quite well.)
I wanted to share this wonderful idea with you this morning. I hope it’s something that you’ll take the time to reflect on for you and your business.