Around the Horn on Marketing, Sales, and Office Management with Bryan Sebring

Bryan Sebring of Sebring Design Build and I go ‘around the horn’ with my questions discussing his top tip/best thought that has positively impacted his remodeling business in these areas:

Marketing (4:15)
Sales Process (13:34)
Managing Your Team (21:00)
Financials/Job-Costing (26:38)
Systems/Software (34:02)
Work/Life Balance (35:59)

If you prefer listening to watching, check out the podcast here. 

Bryan has been in the construction industry since 1993 and opened his Sebring Design Build in 1999. He lives in his hometown with his wife, Jenny, and their four children.

Struggling with Scheduling Your Remodeling Projects?

A couple months back, Peter was sharing with his Remodelers Circle Mastermind Group how he goes about scheduling his remodeling projects using Team Gnatt. Several folks in the group found it helpful (including one fellow Circle member who has since implemented it with solid success!)

Peter and I hopped on a screen share a little while back to go over how he uses it – you can see it in the VIDEO. I hope you find it helpful and it gives you ideas on how to improve your scheduling.

In addition, Shawn did a great webinar on this topic (and using Team Gnatt) that you can find here.


Yeah, I need to do that

I was talking to a prospect out west Wednesday. I was following up on the Remodelers AutoPilot program [info on that here.]

He used this line during our conversation:

“Yeah – that’s been on my ‘I need to do that‘ list for a while…”

Can you relate to that? I know I can! We all have ideas that we know we need to be working on, but don’t…

Two things about this ‘I need to do that’ problem:

1. Yes, you are a superstar, but you don’t have to do everything yourself… Pay for good help/support!

If your ‘I need to do that‘ list has any of the following on it – we should talk – because I can help you:

  • Improve your Sales Process to turn more leads into paying projects
  • Clear and organized Marketing Budget/Calendar so that you can feel in control of your marketing and know what’s working (and what’s not.)
  • Solid Stay-In-Touch System for Previous Clients so that you can generate more repeat/referral work.
  • You get the idea…

2. Getting things implemented comes down to processes/systems.

A colleague of mine, Lance Cummins, had a great post about this yesterday. You can read the whole post here, but here’s an excerpt that I 100% agree with:

“It would be a lie to say that you can’t run a business without systems and processes in place. Because it happens everyday. There are a lot of businesses that function that way.

However (and that’s a loudly-spoken “however”), those companies that refuse or are just oblivious to the fact that they need processes are missing out on valuable growth opportunities. (Not to mention the fact that all their employees are probably so frustrated that they’re ready to jump off a cliff.)

Why Is A Process Important?

A process is created for three main reasons—consistency, efficiency, and scalability.”

Two key takeaways:

    1. To move your business forward – you need to move things from your I need to do that list into your DONE list. If you are too busy, seek expert help.
    2. Always be thinking about how you can improve the processes/systems in your business (Marketing, Sales, Production, Office, HR, etc…)

As Lance said, you’ll be rewarded with better consistency, efficiency, and scalability (aka: more money in the bank.)

Don’t be a stranger – reach out anytime (phone # 810-522-8755, text:517-902-8450 or email me – happy to chat via email or set-up a quick and complimentary phone call.)

Keep working hard!

Now Hiring! Great idea on how to find qualified workers

I received the email below from a remodeler I follow. I checked with him and he was happy to have me share it with the Remodel Your Marketing readers.

When you are looking for qualified workers – think about who your previous clients/prospects/family/friends know. Powell Custom Homes & Renovations does a great job of that below. Implement this idea in your business!

Email: Subject Line: We are hiring and would like your help



Dear Friends of Powell Homes,

It’s that time of year again, spring is in the air, and so is the sunshine…sometimes. Aside from the questionable weather, we’re off to a great start for 2014, and all of us here at Powell Custom Homes & Renovations would like to thank you for helping to make 2013 one of the best so far.

In an effort to continue to grow and become a better company and community member, once again we would like to reach out to our community, past and present clients and our trade partners to remind you that we are always looking for reliable, talented and trustworthy individuals to be a part of the Powell team. We have had great success in the past by making connections through friends in order to find the best people for the job.

If you know anyone who sounds like they would be a good fit, please send us their name and contact information or pass this email along to them. We are currently looking for high-caliber men and women with skills and experience in carpentry and general labor; we would love to get in contact with anyone that you would feel confident in recommending for these positions:

  • Finish Carpenter
  • Care & Repair Expert
  • General Laborer

See full descriptions of our job openings

Anyone interested in applying for a position should send their resume and contact information to our Human Resources Department at

Thank you again for your continued support, and we are looking forward to another fantastic year!