Remodel Your Sales Process – I think selling in the upcoming months…

I think selling in the upcoming months and the remainder of the year is going to be harder than what we’ve seen over the last year or two.

We might not see as many leads and will need to do everything we can to convert our leads to paying projects.

I anticipate we’re going to hear more objections then before (can I buy materials myself, can you breakdown your price into more details, etc.)

You will need to focus on having all of the fundamentals of a strong sales process in place (an excellent initial phone call, professional communications throughout the process, improving how we conduct our initial in-person meeting, a strong process for charging for your project design and development, an organized sales pipeline, excellent follow-up tools, etc.)

I think taking a sales training course to help you improve and strengthen your sales process is a great investment (if you’re able to invest a bit of hard-earned money right now.)

And that’s what I’m offering – a sales training course called Remodel Your Sales Process. Kicks off on April 29th.

See details here or click the video below!

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

It’s time

You have client’s names and emails in your Quickbooks. 

You have them in your email inbox. 

You have them in folders or scattered in different places. 

Your previous client list is your most valuable marketing asset (especially now!) 

One of the things that we do as part of the onboarding process for Remodelers AutoPilot is help and assist you in getting your client/prospect list organized.

We will tweak, edit and get rid of duplicates for you. We will show you how to export lists and help you merge them together. All in an effort to get your previous client list organized and ready to send a consistent monthly email out to (which is done-for-you through Remodelers AutoPilot.)

If your lists are all over the place and disorganized – let’s get them organized! And then work on getting your first email out to them – it’s really important to stay-in-touch with your clients right now. 

If you want to have a professional email done-for-you each month to help you drive repeat and referral work – try Remodelers AutoPilot for $1 here.

Feel Free to Use These

Fear, concern, worry, frustration on not being able to plan and not knowing what’s coming next. We’re in the middle of some unprecedented times. This is a recording I did with 48 remodelers where we share how we’re feeling and discuss ideas on how to lead well through this unpredictable and odd time. I hope you find it an encouraging and helpful conversation. Listen to the recording here.

Below is what we set up for our Remodelers AutoPilot clients to send out to their list. They just fill out the form and we take care of sending it out for them. I thought that it would be valuable for anyone who wants to use this to just copy and paste what you see here and send it out to current and past clients.

(Note: Make sure you’re communicating 1on1 with clients your actively working on right now – that personal call to them will continue to be important this week and the next few.) 

PLEASE FEEL FREE to use anything you see in here for your own communications! Happy to help you with these resources during these crazy times. 

Some Social Media Posts you can use.

An email that you can use.

Another resource, Canva (a great program that makes it easy for you to customize/create graphics/artwork – be sure to check it out) created a set of posts/posters.

Keep your heads up and lead your team and company well.

Watch out for dog pills…

Watch out for dog pills…

I just received a call this morning from a long-time and great (and good looking, kind, brilliant, yadda, yadda, yadda) client, Ben Templeton.

Ben says, “Hey Kyle – want to hear a story that has a lesson for your personal life AND business life?”

Kyle: “Of course, those are my favorite ones!”

Ben: “So I got up a little late this morningI was cuddling in bed with our two boys and chatting and hanging out with them.

Got up, jumped in the shower – rushed downstairs and got out my daily vitamin, medicine, the dog’s daily pill.

Grabbed something to drink and took my medicine, the vitamin, and…

The dog’s pill.”

Kyle: [Laughing]

Ben: “So the first thing I do is call a past client of mine who’s a veterinarian. Got his voicemail.

I called poison control – after they laughed at me – they told me I would be fine.

Then I get a call back from my vet client – he’s laughing too and reassures me I’ll be fine, then says…You know, I’ve been meaning to call you about a bathroom project we want to get done…”

Kyle: “Yes!”

Ben: “Type all of that up and do what you want with it, but the two lessons I learned this morning:

  1. Pay Attention! Don’t rush so much.
  2. Reaching out previous clients works. Reach out to past clients!”

P.S. It’s a couple years old, but I was able to find a photo of “Brilliant Ben” – his boys and the doggy…