It was a $90,000 project and a $3,000 retro big chill fridge.

Anthony has a beautiful retro refrigerator.

It was a $90,000 project $3,000 retro big chill fridge.

They have been great clients.

They did everything right.

They did an inspection when it was delivered.

They signed off that all looked good, wasn’t dented, etc.

And somehow, there was a dent on the inside of the fridge.

The customer hadn’t touched it.

The manufacturer said they had already signed off which left the remodelers with their hands in the air saying, “Crap, I guess we have to take responsibility for this.”

The pic you see is of the original in his office.

He ate the cost and got them a new one.

This business is hard.

But what Anthony did here is what makes him a successful remodeler. He took care of his clients.

It cost him, it hurts, and he learned new lessons to make sure this doesn’t happen again, but he put client satisfaction first.

What’s the worst example of something you had to eat that wasn’t really your fault?

Watch out for dog pills…

Watch out for dog pills…

I just received a call this morning from a long-time and great (and good looking, kind, brilliant, yadda, yadda, yadda) client, Ben Templeton.

Ben says, “Hey Kyle – want to hear a story that has a lesson for your personal life AND business life?”

Kyle: “Of course, those are my favorite ones!”

Ben: “So I got up a little late this morningI was cuddling in bed with our two boys and chatting and hanging out with them.

Got up, jumped in the shower – rushed downstairs and got out my daily vitamin, medicine, the dog’s daily pill.

Grabbed something to drink and took my medicine, the vitamin, and…

The dog’s pill.”

Kyle: [Laughing]

Ben: “So the first thing I do is call a past client of mine who’s a veterinarian. Got his voicemail.

I called poison control – after they laughed at me – they told me I would be fine.

Then I get a call back from my vet client – he’s laughing too and reassures me I’ll be fine, then says…You know, I’ve been meaning to call you about a bathroom project we want to get done…”

Kyle: “Yes!”

Ben: “Type all of that up and do what you want with it, but the two lessons I learned this morning:

  1. Pay Attention! Don’t rush so much.
  2. Reaching out previous clients works. Reach out to past clients!”

P.S. It’s a couple years old, but I was able to find a photo of “Brilliant Ben” – his boys and the doggy…

3 Quick Items to Help You and an Announcement

I like to give, give – and then give some more! – value to you. It never sits great to ASK for something in return or openly promote my wares! You give me your time and attention and I value and appreciate that immensely. SO – to make myself feel better about the promotion I’m about to make, I’ll start it with a few quick items of value:

  1. In your Sales Process – Are you sending out an email to a prospect between the initial phone call and the first appointment? It’s a great way to build know, like, and trust and differentiate your remodeling business. Here’s a template you can use – go and implement it!
  2. Here is an amazing ten-word email that revives dead remodeling leads. Use it today!
  3. Remodelers On The Rise – I’ve been posting there consistently over the last many months. There’s free training, ideas, inspiration, encouragement for you as a remodeler. Give it a listen!

Ok – now that I feel like some solid value has been delivered to you…. 🙂 I’m very excited to announce my new product: Remodelers AutoPilot

Your most valuable marketing asset is your previous client list. Are you staying in touch with them?

 Remodelers AutoPilot includes a done-for-you email newsletter and done-for-you social media posts to help you stay-in-touch and drive more repeat and referral leads. 

If you’re a remodeler who does a lot of kitchen and bathroom remodeling – this program is built for you and solves a very specific (and common) marketing problem. 

It’s $1 to try for the first month. Full details here!

Here’s what happens when you add them

When someone is added to Remodelers AutoPilot – several powerful things happen very quickly and easily.

I recorded a quick video (view it here) to show you how within a minute:

  1. The prospect is added to our database to receive the monthly done-for-you email newsletter
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  4. The professional appointment confirmation email is sent with a click
  5. A well-designed postcard is mailed out to the prospect

Reach out if you’d like to learn more about the Remodelers AutoPilot program.


In other news, here’s a marketing tip that is simple, it works!, and costs you nothing but a little bit of your time.