Fall 2020: Finalizing (or Fine-Tuning) Your Foundations for Future Growth & Success

Bailey and I were meeting this morning and realized, “Hey! We need to promote the courses we’re offing this fall!” Excited remodelers are already signing up to spend the fall with me working through 4 vitally important courses to strengthen their remodeling businesses. I’d love for you to join us!

Fall 2020: Finalizing (or Fine-Tuning) Your Foundations for Future Growth & Success

Each course is focused around a specific deliverable you will walk away with at the end that will equip you. Go to RemodelersMasterclass.com for more details on all 4 courses and to see the tremendous discount I’m offering if you sign-up for all four courses!

September: How to Stay-in-Touch with Previous Clients

What: Professionally Craft an Effective Plan To Consistently Stay-in-Touch with Previous Clients

Result of the Course: You and your company will benefit long term with increased client satisfaction, growing repeat and referral work, and your revenue and profit margins will rise. Experience proves there’s great ROI from this focused work and effort!

October: Charging for Design & Project Development – Let’s make it happen!

What: This class is perfect for you if you have wanted to get this strategy implemented, but just didn’t know how to get started. It’s also for you if you have already been using the strategy but just want to fine-tune and improve how you approach this part of your process.

Results To Expect: You will have another priceless asset for your company, complete with a unique name, structure, and approach locked in and ready to implement. You’ll have the exact wording for how to present this strategy most effectively to prospects. Implementing what you learn in this course will save you time and make you more money.

November: Power Positioning to Maximize Revenue! – 5 Powerful Words When Talking With A Remodeling Prospect: This Is How We Work

What: You’ll follow a proven framework that positions your This Is How We Work Process in a crystal clear, easy to understand (benefit-rich and value-driven) way! (I’ll help you make your process EASY for clients to say YES to.)

Results To Expect: You’ll leave this class with a marketing/sales asset that gives clarity to your prospects (and you/your team!) It will help you move projects through your sales process far quicker and you’ll close more sales.

December: Create your 2021 BREAKOUT Business Budget

What: We’ll finish the year with a detailed review of your 2020 Results and set up a crystal clear BREAKOUT Business Budget for 2021.

Result To Expect: We’ll create your 2021 BREAKOUT Business Budget. You’ll leave this course with an actionable, organized, realistic, and reachable plan, with a clearly understandable budget that you can work from!

Massive value and professional insight to help your business finish 2020 strong and set you up for tremendous success in 2021! Go to RemodelersMasterclass.com for more details on all 4 courses and to see the tremendous discount I’m offering if you sign-up for all four courses!

I Saw This Scrolling Through LinkedIn

I saw this when I was scrolling through LinkedIn and it made me stop and watch it. 

I watched it and then said, “Well that’s a cool stinkin’ tool!”

A tool like this is probably normal and plain to you – you use things like this every day. BUT – to your prospects – for them to see the cool tools you use, how perfectly it cuts, how expert you and your team are with them – it’s great content that will make people want to watch it AND it builds know, like, and trust with them.

Don’t overthink your content – think of the neat, interesting things you do everyday and capture a quick time-lapse video – or a video of you explaining how it works and what it does – etc.

Yes, you’re a remodeler. You also (now more than ever) need to be a content creator. Get to work and capture some photos/videos today!

Whenever you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you with your remodeling business:

1. Try it for $1 – Use Remodelers AutoPilot to Stay-in-Touch with Previous Clients to Increase Word-of-Mouth Referrals, Repeat Business, and Differentiate Your Remodeling Business.

2. “A one and a two and a chick-a-boom-a chick” – listen to my podcast, Remodelers On The Rise to learn and be encouraged.

3. Interested in getting text messages from me? Might be a quick idea for your remodeling business or word of encouragement. By joining, it will allow me to regularly check-in, nudge, encourage, help, and say hi via text! No cost – just text JOIN to 516-219-9736

Remodel Your Sales Process – I think selling in the upcoming months…

I think selling in the upcoming months and the remainder of the year is going to be harder than what we’ve seen over the last year or two.

We might not see as many leads and will need to do everything we can to convert our leads to paying projects.

I anticipate we’re going to hear more objections then before (can I buy materials myself, can you breakdown your price into more details, etc.)

You will need to focus on having all of the fundamentals of a strong sales process in place (an excellent initial phone call, professional communications throughout the process, improving how we conduct our initial in-person meeting, a strong process for charging for your project design and development, an organized sales pipeline, excellent follow-up tools, etc.)

I think taking a sales training course to help you improve and strengthen your sales process is a great investment (if you’re able to invest a bit of hard-earned money right now.)

And that’s what I’m offering – a sales training course called Remodel Your Sales Process. Kicks off on April 29th.

See details here or click the video below!

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

It’s time

You have client’s names and emails in your Quickbooks. 

You have them in your email inbox. 

You have them in folders or scattered in different places. 

Your previous client list is your most valuable marketing asset (especially now!) 

One of the things that we do as part of the onboarding process for Remodelers AutoPilot is help and assist you in getting your client/prospect list organized.

We will tweak, edit and get rid of duplicates for you. We will show you how to export lists and help you merge them together. All in an effort to get your previous client list organized and ready to send a consistent monthly email out to (which is done-for-you through Remodelers AutoPilot.)

If your lists are all over the place and disorganized – let’s get them organized! And then work on getting your first email out to them – it’s really important to stay-in-touch with your clients right now. 

If you want to have a professional email done-for-you each month to help you drive repeat and referral work – try Remodelers AutoPilot for $1 here.