Free Resources

Remodeler: Please watch the 90-second video and fill out the form for your 3 Powerful Sales Tracking & Follow-up Templates & Resources


I’m offering you (for no cost) the following:

  • Sales Tracking Spreadsheet – Track all of your leads, see your closing percentage, and much more. Feel in-control of your follow-up.
  • Project Discovery Sheet – A proven process and system to use when you receive a new Remodeling lead into your business.
  • What to Expect at Our First Meeting – A document/agenda with great questions to ask at your first in-person meeting with a prospect.

If I asked you – could you provide ALL of the following to me?

  • Who your ‘Top 5’ active Prospects are?
  • What your closing percentage was over the last 3 months?
  • What lead source resulted in your highest closing percentage?
  • The projects that are in your ‘Done Proposal For, Haven’t Signed’ bucket?

Do you have any of these problems?

  • You let solid leads fall through the cracks because you didn’t follow-up properly with them.
  • You lose sales to your competitors because they were more professional in their Sales Process and follow-up.
  • You feel like you are just ‘nagging’ prospects when you reach out to them to follow-up.

After you click ‘Submit’ button:

  • You can download the Templates/Resources directly on the next page.
  • You’ll can listen to a 29-Minute Lesson titled: How to Use Professional Questions & A Proven First Call Process To Uncover A Prospects Financial Investment. Please listen to it and implement what you hear.
  • I’ll add you to my email list where I regularly send out additional tips, resources, and idea.

If you Implement what I’m giving you here:

  • When I ask you, “How well are you tracking your prospects, lead sources, and follow-up activities?” you will respond with, I used to stink at it – now I’m a pro!
  • You will have revived projects and ‘dead leads’ that you had written off into your newest, paying clients.
  • Using your customized version of the “Sales Tracking Spreadsheet” you’ll have a clear Next Step for every active project in your pipeline. You’ll feel organized and in control of your leads and follow-up!

Remodeler, Please take action and fill out the form above and enjoy (and use!) the free resources.