How’s your marriage?

I talk mostly about business in my posts here.

But if you’ve followed my work for any time or if you’ve worked with me  

You’ll know that life outside of work and how we’re doing in our relationships, in our marriages, as parents, in faith, in hobbies is something that is really important and something I really like to talk about.  

Recently, I was on a call and we kind of wrapped up what we were going to talk about and we had a few minutes left, and it just kind of came out of me.   

I said “Hey, how are the kids? How’s the marriage?”   

We ended up having a good conversation which led to this client of mine committing to taking his wife on a date this weekend, because it has been too long.    

So, I bring this up, just to kind of shake up the conversation, to ask the question:  

  • How’s the spouse?  
  • How are the kids?  
  • How’s your relationship with your friends and family?  
  • How’s __________?  

Fill in the blank with whatever you want, but just take a minute to stop thinking about business and think about some things about life outside of work.  

And maybe take action on something, whether it be scheduling a date, whether it is making a phone call, whether it is spending time with that book you love, whether it is going fishing.  

Whatever it is for you, make sure you are carving out some time for it.